Saturday, June 21, 2008

Really hot weather

The weather is so hot this weekend that I am taking refuge in my house. An early morning venture outside confirmed it so I thought I would share with you photos I took at the Huntington Library in San Marino this past spring. We've all seen photos of the magnificent art, wide shots of the various gardens, these photos are on a miniscule scale focusing on something that caught my eye.

This rose was so fragrant and its delicate beauty drew my attention. The Huntington has a wonderful rose garden. There were so many roses to view yet this is one that rose (tee hee) above the rest.

I came across this utility cover in the garden and became quite pensive about it. One becomes quite reflective when strolling thru beautiful gardens and the words as well as the cement really jumped out at me.
This tree is located in the new Chinese garden which is still under construction. I was sitting at a nearby bench when a little girl about 6 years old was strolling past the tree. She was holding her little brother by the hand and stopped right in front of the tree and whispered loudly and very matter of factly "This is where the fairies live". I thought this was so precious, I will always remember this everytime I visit this garden. As this tree grows, think of how many more fairies can live there!

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Kody May said...

Aww that is so cute. It does look like the type of tree you would picture a fairy liking.