Sunday, February 8, 2009

Knitting Goodies

This is the sock I knitted from the Red Heart Heart & Sole with Aloe, and it knits up very nicely, I'm still learning to match yarns to patterns and perhaps I should have just kept it to plain stockinette, but I like the lacy pattern on the front as it will help to keep my feet a little cooler. I am about half way thru the second sock, and deliberately decided to just see what it felt like to begin knitting the sock without trying to match the pattern (ohh, I'm such a rebel!!).
I had to sneak in another photo from my trip to Roger's Gardens, this Magnolia blossom was so beautiful in person, the petals looked like rich velvet, I could just picture it as a mature tree covered with these gorgeous flowers.

I have admired the socks on Gilraen's blog and know that she has made several of the patterns in this book. It has some incredible patterns that I will now have to knit, the challenge will be to match the perfect yarn for each pattern (something Gilraen excels at) and one that I hope to develop as I gain experience.
This book also caught my eye, especially the hats that are in here, they are quite stylish and should make for quick projects, ideal for spare time knitting.

What is it about receiving candy in a pretty box that just warms my heart. I was given this box of caramels a little while back and just love looking at the pretty box and bow. Eventually I may get around to opening it.


Dave said...

The sock looks great! Matching yarn to pattern is tricky because of the way yarn knits up at different gauges and stitch counts. I still find it a bit hit and miss. :-)

Aline said...

oooh I do like that sock colourway. How interesting! I haven't shopped sock yarn in a while because everything was 'Meh' to me. Nice to see something I like again. thanks!

smariek said...

Nice looking sock! I picked up 2 balls of that same yarn when I was at Michael's (looking for rubber stamps for DD's valentine's day cards for her classmates). Of of the workers there told me to get what I wanted now because they weren't going to restock it. I was thinking, isn't this a fairly newly released yarn from Red Heart? This will be my first variegated sock yarn.