Sunday, April 26, 2009

Enduring Beauty

This statute greets you as you exit the shuttle at the Getty Museum. Glistening in the sunlight it causes you to pause for a moment and fills you with anticipation as to what lies within. There are so many treasures that are within its walls and with the visiting exhibits you could easily see incredible works of Art with each visit. My purpose this visit was to stroll thru the gardens so that I could share them with you.

The garden itself is a work of art. I could not believe this composition, the way the succulents sparkled in the sunlight, the pop of a yellow poppy(?) that was on the wane draped so delicately across its neighbor. The vignette so fleeting, just a moment of beauty that I managed to capture on film, its moments like this that takes my breath away and fills me with awe.

The contrast between the vibrant Orange poppy against the delicate poppy (which reminds me of a petticoat) was so visually appealing and I was so happy that the bee was so accommodating to visit while I was taking this photo. The garden was simply abuzz with bees and they peacefully flew about the place their buzzing quietly filling the air and an ocean breeze wafted thru (causing many a blurred photo) .

The color on these Roses was a shocking Orange (the sun did wash them out a bit in the photo) its contrasting dark green leaves forming the perfect background for them.

On the other hand these Roses were quite hidden under a tree, the sunlight peaking thru the leaves, they looked like they were stretched out to gather up every bit of sunshine they could find. After my visit to the gardens today, I reflected on the joy that all plants bring to me, but especially the short lived beauty of the flowers, they can always bring a smile to my face.

I purchased the Interweave Knits for Spring 2009, I found the beautiful cardigan above its called Hannah Fettig's Whisper Cardigan. For some reason I don't feel intimated at the notion of knitting this and will be looking for the yarn - Morehouse Merino Lace (has anyone worked with this yarn?)

Please forgive this rather blurry photo, but my camera was having problems focusing on it and the sun was going down, so this is the best I could do. Its called Bettie's Lace Stockings, it incorporates calf shaping into the stocking so, it will definitely be a challenge. The yarn is Rowan 4 ply (yoohoo has anyone worked with this yarn?). I hope it will look as charming on me as it does in the photo. Now to think on the color and perhaps a pretty sundress to wear it with. If all goes well, I would wear them to have Tea at the Huntington Library or perhaps for an outdoor concert under the stars.


smariek said...

I've never been to the Getty before, would like to go someday. My friend has gone there several times and she brings back hundreds of beautiful photos.

The lace stockings look nice. I think you should wear them whenever/wherever, you'll certainly feel pretty special in them. :-)

kathryn said...

Lovely flower pictures - a preview of summer - and so nice to see the bees when so much is reducing their numbers at the moment.

I used the Morehouse merino lace to knit the Fiddlehead lace scarf- it's in my ravelry projects page ( It was so soft and a pleasure to knit with. Whisper will look lovely in it.