Sunday, February 21, 2010

Opulent Handwarmers

Well I've finally dove into knitting handwarmers and they turned out no so bad. Still have to work out the little gap that is at the thumb and the main body, does anyone have a solution for this? I found this pattern on Ravelry "Opulent Handwarmers" and they hole your interest while you are knitting. This yarn is fab, its a superwash merino by Avanti and was made in Germany, I had picked this up in a sale bin as the yarn was discontinued. It is a wonderful dk weight and should be useful for the morning drives and should keep my hands toasty.


More photos from my last stroll, seems I took several decent pictures and I can't take the credit for this, the flowers seem to almost pose for the camera. I had a hard time selecting between these two photos that I took of Magnolia blossoms. I've been watching this tree forming for a couple of years now and the shape of it is so wonderful. I love the blossoms against the bare branches, its petals curled with the sunlight playing off of them.

This bust of Shakespeare has been softened by time, its beautify only magnified by the touch of the elements.

I did attend the Chasing the Sun powwow and did not take photos. It didn't feel right at the time. I had incredible conversations with the Natives, most of the ones that I spoke to were from the Navajo tribe, most lived on a reservation. I met a native from the Huichol tribe that came from Mexico from the state of Nazarit. These two gentle men seemed to reflect a deep sadness in their eyes while their lips held a smile, I can imagine that they missed their mountains. I also met the granddaughter of a spinner, the sheep are hand sheared and her grandmother lap spins the wool into yarn, it was thick sturdy stuff that would wear generations. This was a time for to listen and absorb which brought on quiet reflection. May your day be peaceful.


Natalie said...

Beautiful handwarmers.

And the Magnolia...well what can you say in the presence of such beauty. Glorious.

Aline said...

Hi! I just finished a pair of wrist warmers and decided to modify the thumb area to avoid that hole...I used dpns and picked up extra stitches in the hole area that I decreased on the next round. I had to test knit first, rip and reknit but I much prefer the end result. Good luck! A. xx

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

I don't think I've ever seen *pink* magnolias!

For holes at thumb edges (and other places, like hat tops sometimes too), I run an end of yarn *around* the edges of the hole on the inside, kinda retracing where a stitch should be or should be snugger, maybe piercing some strands of the purl bumps, and then draw the faux stitch tight. (Hard to describe thoroughly in a few words....)