Saturday, July 12, 2008


I have started another knitting project that I simply could not wait any longer on, It's the Persephone scarf from Smariek Knit's blog. The yarn is a yummy dk weight merino by Ecco which has been a pleasure to work with. I was hoping to be able to share a photo of my completed sock, but I had to frog it and start all over again, it seems that I am a loose sock knitter, so I had to switch to a smaller needle to get a better fit.

The columbine is making a valient attempt at a second bloom, here's the first bud. (Is it my imagination or does it seems to be staring at the frog which is hiding in the Alpine Strawberries.)

Yellow Columbine during last spring was really prolific, an unexpected heatwave did burn the edge of its beautiful leaves, yet it still rewarded me with these beautiful flowers.

The volunteer tomato plant hit its growth spurt, almost 2 feet in about 1 week! I just hope it will survive the summer heat and reward me with beautiful large red tomatoes. It must be from a tomato that had dropped off the plant from last year. Its almost time to thin the plant so that the little red treasures have room to grow.

The French Lavender seems to be enjoying the heat and is quite proliferous in its bloom, I shall definately look into other Lavenders next year, they seem so happy in our climate.

I had relocated this bunny last spring as he was enveloped by a salvia, I don't think he minds the shelter for now and seems to be playing Peek a Boo from behind the columbine, while nestling up to the French Lavender which has gone a little wild and is about 4 feet wide


Kody May said...

I love love love lavender. Columbines are also some of my favorites. We used to have a garden bunny and our boston terrier would steal it and run around the yard with it! Lovely cables by the way!!!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Yes, I love that Persephone scarf too - must check it out. Don't be discouraged by your early days of sock knitting exploration - it's a learning curve and soon you'll know exactly the number of stitches and the patterns that suit you. I find I need some sort of ribbing effect on most of the cuff and foot to ensure the sock stays up, be it through cabling or through a lace and rib pattern.

I must check with you for good yarn shops when I'm next in your part of the world: you seem to know the best ones!

And your plants are beautiful. Is that pink fluffy one a form of Spiraea?