Friday, July 4, 2008

Schaefer Yarn & Plant Photos

Yup, I've started another sock. This is a simple pattern that is in Knitting Circles Around Socks and is knitted on two circular needles. This yarn is the softest merino I have ever knitted with. Its' by Schaefer Yarn and is called "Anne", this was inspired by the watercolor artist Georgia O'Keefe, the colors really do remind me of her paintings with the washes of color that dance across its width. It's too early to tell if about the fit yet, hope I don't have to frog it.

This is Schaefer Yarn's Nancy in Garter Stitch, the yarn is a dream to work with it creates a soft and cuddly garment. This is a close up of the scarf I am creating with it, the colors seem to undulate, almost producing an optical illusion of movement.

Pink & Fluffy - reminds me of cotton candy. I wish I could remember the name of it, but I had purchased it years ago from Heronswood Nursery in Washington State (when it was owned by Dan Hinkley). Every summer it faithfully emerges, grows to about 6 feet tall and rewards me with its glorious textural flowers. If anyone can identify it please let me know.

I had a pleasant surprise when a volunteer tomato plant came up in the garden, it dwells with the summer flower I had just planted, try as I may I could not get a photo of the complete plant, the flowers kept blocking its way. (they want all of the attention you know)


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