Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Belated Post

This is the Crofter's Cowl knitted with Malabrigo's Stonechat, this photo does not due the color justice, they are quite rich in person. I still need to wash and block this cowl which leads into the next picture.
Most indulgent (or I'm telling myself maybe it isn't REALLY as it is difficult to find a safe place to block with three Standard Poodles looking for soft things to carry to their beds to chew or cuddle with ).
This set of blocking tiles was in one of Knitty's featured articles. The compact storage was a big plus and now my projects are calling for them. I've never used tiles like this before so I purchased the small kit and will see how far that will get me. This will be especially handy when I begin my sweater making adventure.

One down, one to go, these will help keep my darling Niece's feet warm this winter, they are a sportweight yarn by Nature Spun (Brown Sheep Co.) and the pattern the basket weave sock on Criminy Jicket's blog. The pattern is very clear and simple to follow and the results are anything but boring. (Hope you will like them my dearest Niece).


Newport Beach residents demand perfection, the stores there are almost beyond belief. This is a local pharmacy in an incredible strip mall - attractive buildings and landscaping (which I failed to photograph this time around) and the most beautiful pharmacy I have ever seen. I was so overwhelmed - it was beautifully composed and attention was paid to the overall look and to the tiny details that you wil see below. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a kitchen large enough to display these Roosters? The hen was especially nice and since this was just a fantasy shopping trip where one did not need to look at price tags and be practical about things, I could choose whatever I wanted and put it in my imaginery Villa along the Cote D'Azur overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

They did not leave out anything, even your sense of sense of smell was pampered with the lovely fragrances of well made candles. (There was just enough fragrance that it was pleasing - not overwhelming and the gentle ocean breeze drifted in the open door keeping the air clean and fresh)


I could visit this pharmacy many times and still find something new with each visit. I was so charmed by the flower arranging area that I failed to notice the ribbons until I posted this photo. I will have to be sure to return to this store so that I can pay proper attention to them - ribbons are such usefuly things to have around the house - one can never have too many ribbons. A plain gift wrap is so greatly enhanced by a beautiful ribbon that I believe it can turn a simple present into a cherished gift.

The accessories area is what first drew me into the store as I glimpsed them thru the window. I found the scarves especially soft to the touch, the mixture of textiles and the color combinations made them so stunning.


IrishGirlieKnits said...

Such a pretty cowl!! Love it in that colorway too!

And, goodness, that store is to die for!!

Dave said...

The socks came out beautifully!

That's quite the store -- could be a hazard to the pocketbook. :-)

Tracy Batchelder said...

It's hard to imagine the cowl being even more beautiful in person. So pretty! Love the socks too!

Anonymous said...

The sock looks great. I can't wait to show them off.

by the way, the little word verification thing is qtnip. I thought it was funny

smariek said...

That's a pretty color! My friend was thinking about the Stonechat color for a scarf, but neither of us has seen it in real life.

I had never heard of these blocking tiles before and would love to see how you use them. I guess I shouldn't complain about DD patting/flattening my knitting while it is blocking, at least there's no risk of her chewing it.

Newport Beach, as in California?