Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lovely Gift

A friend who I have not seen in awhile brought me back this lovely yarn all the way from Ireland. Isn't it gorgeous. I believe it is calling to become a scarf, I've never worked with this kind of fabulous tweed before and so am not sure what kind of pattern would show off this beauty. Any suggestions?

This yarn became the Basket Weave socks, I still have one skein left, plus a little extra and shall have to ponder what to do with it, Should my darling Niece think of anything else she should want from this, please let me know.

The basket weave socks are finally done, and my Niece's patience will be rewarded with warm feet as I am sure that winter will eventually come this year (temps still in the upper 90's so it is a little hard to imagine right now).

This lovely yarn is drawing OOOOHS and AAAAHS where ever it goes. This is my break time knitting project as it can tolerate the many interruptions that I experience so a simple knit is a must. So far this has been the most popular yarn, everyone automatically reaches out to touch it, exclaiming how pretty it is and are astounded by its softness, this will really be a joy to wear and Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns did such an outstanding job with the dye, the pattern that has emerged is lovely and really does remind me of Birch Leaves - so the cowl will have the name Birch Cowl which I think is most appropriate.

Coffee Nirvana!!!!! This is by far the best coffee I've ever had, it is rich and so full of robust flavor with no bitterness - REALLY! At work I've created my only little peaceful haven, a small coffee maker, my radio playing classical music Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven... Anyone who enters my wee little cubicle said they can't believe how peaceful it is. Oh and of course my knitting bag has a prominent place and sits on top of my in box.

You could smell the chocolate perfuming the air down the street from this chocolate shop and of course I just had to investigate the cause for these aromas. I spotted these in a large glass case full of sweet wonders, Espresso Truffles, they would make a lovely companion to my coffee - yummy!

I had taken this photo during one of my Farmers Market trips this past summer. I remember these well, their intense color - perfection - wonderfully fragrant - so full of flavor - don't they just make your mouth water?


Dave said...

The socks came out beautifully -- well done!

Tracy Batchelder said...

I think the tweed would look good in any stitch pattern.

Allison said...

I like your veggie photos too! You should definitely try the Ice Queen (in your prior post). I'm making it right now. The beads are not required but they are pretty to add. I'm using the crochet hook method where you just add them to the stitch rather than string them all ahead of time. It's working out well. Would love to know the link to the headband pattern- very pretty!

smariek said...

This must be the purple tweed you mentioned in a blog comment. What a lovely lovely gift from your friend! I think what you decide to make will depend on how many yards you have of this yarn. If you don't have much, perhaps something lacy. Cables stitches are generally more yarn thirsty than plain knit/purl. So if you don't have enough for a cable scarf, you might consider a cable cowl or short neck wrap with a button. Love your basketweave socks!

And boy do you have good taste in coffee! I love Peet's coffee, and am glad I have one nearby in my new city. Those chocolate truffles are really cute, I bet they taste as wonderful as they look and smell. :-)

Aline said...

I find all my favorite colours here!
Sometimes, really smart yarn needs only a simple stitch. My eye prefers lace in solid colours, that sort of thing. It is fun to dream about what it will become, isn't it? Wool from Ireland...oh yum.