Sunday, November 30, 2008

Red and Green

Capturing a moment of green in this garden (Getty Villa) with its different shades, shapes and textures was most pleasing to my eye.

Some plants are so sculptural, I looked at these flowers from different angles, I spend some time admiring it, It made me appreciate my gift of sight, even the camera could not quite capture the way it displayed so beautifully against the green leaves in the background.

I went back into my Farmer's Market photos from last summer and this one had not made it into my blog until now, I like the way the tomatoes spill forward in this photo. I remember the tomatoes were so fragrant in the heat of the summer evenings. Each stall at the market had its own aromas, strawberries and fresh fruit in some of the booths, flowers in another, you strolled a little further and the aromas of food being barbecued outdoors, ribs, chicken, another few more steps and the smell Kettle popcorn would waft across your path. Delicious memories.
Well this is my first attempt at designing and my second attempt at grafting, still haven't quite got it perfect as you can see by the line down the middle, any suggestions? (Shot with the new camera - I think this camera shoots in cooler tones).

The cowl looks pretty good on and you really can't see the graft line. I need to try to knit this again and try write down a pattern, (I really need to pay more attention while pattern writing, I had written down a few lines, then realized that I had altered it, but forgot where, oh dear, hope I get better at it)The yarn is Berrocco's pure Merino and knitted on a size 9 circular needle. (This photo was taken with my old camera, which I think has warmer tones to it)

I need a little more practice with this camera, it does take better photos of the actual knitting, but I need to somehow add more warmth to the pictures. Maybe taking into account the background. The winter light isn't helping much either (I took this photo outside). The cowl pattern was free on PopKnits blog so here is the link. I knitted it with Malabrigo's worsted weight yarn, I love soft yarns, tender wools that do not torment you with being scratchy or hard. I hadn't realized until I took the photos of my cowls that they were Red and Green, hence the inspiration for the color theme of this post.


Dave said...

As usual, gorgeous photos, and I love the cowls -- bet they feel fantastic!

Marguerite said...

Great pictures. Always nice to see some green when my outside world is all black and white.

The cowl is gorgeous. Is the visible seam a tension thing - the grafting stitches are tighter than the knitted stitches? Whatever, it looks like a design element to me. The stitch pattern you used is perfect.

kathryn said...

I love your plant photos! And I can almost smell those tomatoes - they must be one of my essential kitchen ingredients.

I'm looking forward to seeing the pattern for your cowl - it's lovely.

smariek said...

Beautiful photos of Getty Villa. I especially like the red plant in this post and the rose in the previous post.

I hate grafting too. I tend to pull too tightly and then it doesn't like evenly there. I have to tell myself that it's ok to leave it feeling loose, it'll all work out in the end and it will NOT fall apart.

I suppose you could work around this by doing a provisional cast on, knitting one half, then picking up stitches from the PCO to knit the other half.

Anonymous said...

As long as the grafting is technically correct, the only thing that improves its appearance is practice. But that WILL help. :-)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos (including the water lily in the previous post!) and your cowls are beautiful - as far as grafting - when I enlarged your photo, it looks like it's just a tension problem - I sometimes have to go back and adjust the tension on my grafted stitches one by one - regardless, it is a gorgeous design and looks beautiful on!