Sunday, December 7, 2008

Scene - Robert's Shop

A quick little note: I did find a connection to knitting, Robert's wife loves to knit and so I sent her links to some of my favorite knitting blogs.

Ok, you caught me, this particular post is not about knitting or gardening, but we knitters have an eye for beauty, yarn is a visually appealing medium which can be appreciated by anyone, whether they can knit or not. The same can be said about art, you don't need to be able to paint in order to appreciate the actual paintings. This blog is about an incredible shop In Newport Beach called "Scene". I don't mean to sound stupid, but I really made no correlation between frames and art, it just never occurred to me that the one could have a great influence on the other, until I noticed the masterful matches Robert had displayed in his shop. You should hear his sage words, carefully guiding the customer to the right selection on their own treasured works of art.

The shop itself has a welcoming feel (not the sterility of some galleries where you must talk in whispers, while being snubbed by those around you) it is warm and cozy and chock full of paintings -discoveries just waiting to happen.
I fell in love with this mirror, my taste normally runs towards very simple things, but when I touched the intricate work on the frame, gazed at the rich colors as they passed beneath my fingers and yes - my heart even beat a little faster, but practicality had to win out, I shuddered as I thought of my dogs racing around the house and bumping against this incredible work of art, it deserves a place where it can be quietly kept, to be enjoyed by future generations and not to become another one of Hastings mishaps (he did demolish a full length mirror a couple of years ago, miraculously no one was injured).

I was reflecting on how independent stores are especially hard hit by the economic times - everywhere, even in Newport Beach! Still this brave man marches on, offering words of kindness and support to the many friends that drop by. We enjoy sitting at one of the tables in front of his shop (a cafe that offers lots of delicious salads, sandwiches, baked good, coffees...) with me knitting away while we chat, interesting conversations involving revealing bits of a play he may be writing and countless other interesting topics. Sometimes I wonder how can this man be so sane? Patiently listening to a chum telling a sad tale, which given the times we face now is a little more frequent. (Being tender hearted at times I retreat into my knitting at this point, letting it shield me with its softness, sinking - focusing all my attention on the pattern if things get too tough to hear).

I was just reflecting -This man is an artist in every sense of the word (yes he paints and plays musical instruments as well), but the thing that moves me most at this time is that his plays go unpublished and they (like the paintings in his shop) are awaiting to be discovered by the world. One of my hearts desires is to be able to see one of his plays being performed - to witness the rich tapestries of his words being revealed to all.


gilraen said...

What a cornucopia of gorgeous things!!! A veritible treasure trove.........worth hunting through his artisitry indeed! :)

Aline said...

Hiya Jean,
As for the question about French knitting patterns...I live in Québec Canada and here my favorite French mag is 'Les Idées Marie Claire' from France. You may have seen me mention it on my blog. There you will find some knitting patterns among all sorts of crafts and recipes. 'Patons' also publish translated patterns. There is 'Bergère de France'. If I find any others I will let you know.
Happy reading!

smariek said...

Looks like a nice place to browse.