Sunday, December 14, 2008

Being Open to Change

Well I had bought the yarn that was listed on the pattern, Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn and began knitting this sock pattern called Diagonal Cross Rib. I knitted the ribbing portion and about two repeats of the pattern, but it just didn't feel right too me. The yarn feels hard and was not a pleasure to knit with, so I stopped. Yes that's right STOPPED knitting, this yarn needs to find someone who enjoys knitting with firm yarn and that person is not me. I am finally learning to listen to my inner voice, instead of stubbornly pushing on just because a pattern is telling me that is the yarn to use.

I remembered some yarn that I had purchased from Celtic Memory Yarn in a lovely Merino and Bamboo and the sock is coming along just fine, the yarn is soft and cushy and will be a great pleasure to wear, all that is left to do is get the length of the recipient's foot as I would hate to go thru all this, to knit it either too long or too short. I've already started the right foot and like the fact that the diagonals go in different directions for each sock. I did change a couple of things, I continued with the size 3 needle until the leg portion was 6 1/2 inches and substituted Eye of the Partridge for the heel flap as I wasn't enthralled with the vertical lines on the heel flap in the original pattern.

We do get a little fall color in Southern California, but it is quite scattered. I had my heart set on capturing a tree ablaze in Orange, but it was just not meant to be. Each time I would see the right tree for my photo, some circumstance would prevent me from obtaining my photo. As I was walking thru the parking lot at work I noticed the yellow of this Crepe Myrtle, it looked lovely against the blue sky. Once again a change in plans turned out quite well.

My three day getaway was initially planned for the mountains of San Diego County, with hopes of visiting some of the Native Tribes that still live there. Last minute changes occurred and instead I ended up on the coast of California in a room that overlooked one of the back bays. I loved the stillness of this place, teaming with life. This is the view from the room, when I first stepped out onto the balcony I was annoyed by the trees. Upon sitting still and observing, I began to notice that there were many birds that were drawn to these trees, just a few feet away from me. I was serenaded every day by a beautiful & charming black and white bird, a Hummingbird loved this tree as well and returned to perch regularly on its branches. There were so many different finches also that visited this tree, some had quite of bit of red on them. So once again, I changed my mind, I welcomed the trees and would definitely select this room again.

The left side of the balcony had these palm trees, and you could still see the bay thru them. I liked the contrast of the golden bark against the bluish back bay water . Being open to change has definitely been a wonderful experience, the unexpected can be so rewarding. Perhaps a little wisdom comes with our time here on this Earth, to savor every moment as it happens, to live in the present.


Dave said...

The revised sock looks wonderful -- I love that soft brown colour.

Palm trees, finches, hummingbirds. Hmm. I'm looking at three feet of snow when I look out my window.

Tracy Batchelder said...

You made some good changes on the sock. It looks great!

Kathy... said...

Great looking socks, and wonderful photos, as always.

Sometimes yarns will bloom and soften considerably with their first bath. I have used Wildfoote before, and actually like keep that in the back of your mind too. (With that said, however, going with your basic instincts is usually the best approach.) Opal sock yarns are like that - I usually don't like knitting with them that much, but do like the final socks.

Aline said...

I would love to see a palm tree! Here we are skating on the bay these days. More fun than knitting I'm afraid, hee hee.
I just realized I don't have your Ravelry link. Let me know if you have one!
Merry Christmas Jean!

smariek said...

Go with the flow. That's what I've learned since having a baby, lol. I think your trip would have been great either way.