Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

The sun is out with blue skies and the perfect temps for days spent outside. This most wonderful yarn is called Wood Smoke by Celtic Memory Yarns my favorite Merino and Bamboo sock yarn, I love knitting with this that I didn't half mind frogging most of my previous sock from a previous post and reduced the stitches a little to produce a better fitting sock.
Here it lies atop a beloved unfinished cross stitch I had done years ago, I found it laying in the bottom of a drawer - forgotten til now.

The panels depict different fruit and is done on Irish Linen. I should be brave and try to hand sew it to some beautiful fabric to hang on my wall or maybe something else, I'm not sure, but I should do something soon with it.

I visited the beautiful Huntington Gardens today and want to share some of my stroll with you. Above is a waning rose called Maman Cochet, I thought it beautiful at this stage of its bloom, its fragile petals beginning to curl.

Just a few steps down was this Rose trio - yes they looked this magical in person, the color of the pink/lilac roses against the blue green leaves made them almost look like a painting.

I sat on a bench to rest awhile and looked up to see this Magnolia branch beginning to bud, standing out against the bright blue sky - it looked so sculptural. I shall have to return late next month to see what it looks like in full bloom.

I was about to exit the gardens when I was called back to these fruits, they were so amazing, the photo was taken in the shade, yet they were still ablaze in color, I wish this photo did them justice - would anyone know the name of them? There are still more photos to come from this wonderful garden, I'll be sure to include them in my next post.

These are a few of the wonderful plants that I spotted in the garden of a friend's new apartment. I liked the way the cactus sit at the foot of this Palm, Palm trees are so abundant in Southern California, they even pop up in my garden, usually in some hidden spot, like behind a shed. This garden sits on the outskirts of foothills and on occasion deer will visit this garden along with another interesting visitor - SKUNKS!! I've never experienced them before, but I will be sure to keep a respectful distance from them. Places to walk abound and I shall have to be sure to bring my camera so that I can share photos, whenever I am privileged enough to be invited on a lovely stroll among the hills.

The temperature today was in the 60's and quite sunny with blue skies and those wonderful puffy white clouds. This Easter Lilly caught my eye, as you can tell by the photos, this garden leans towards tropicals. There were a few rose bushes, though not in bloom right now, I'm sure they will make a good show of it this spring and I shall take their portrait then.

Hibiscus still in bloom, maybe not at its peak as the nights have been chilly, but never the less a bloom indeed!


pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the Huntington Gardens. Your needlepoint and sock look great too. There's nothing like a little sunshine to perk up a picture!

Kathy... said...

Gorgeous photos, as usual Jean! Love the sock.... I am casting on a pair of socks for my son tonight. I have been away from socks for quite some time, but I just had too many requests this Christmas. My SIL is also asking for some. These will be plain socks though...nothing as fancy and pretty as yours!

Yes - you really SHOULD do something with that lovely cross-stitch! And let us know what it is!

Aline said...

O to have a palm tree popping up in my yard! That would be so cool. Lucky you!
Your yarn is lush and your needle work so pretty! The garden pictures are so lovely with all the colours and cheer.
Merci and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, as usual, dear Jean.
No idea about the fruit. . . .

We have skunks in our neighborhood; one has a regular nightly route he/she takes around the block. Not especially scary beasts, but they *can* be rabid, so caution is always wise.

Patricia said...

I visited Huntington Gardens years ago when I was a girl, but have never had the opportunity to go back. Thanks for the photos.

smariek said...

Very nice cross stitch, it looks challenging due to all the different shades.