Monday, September 7, 2009

Cable Socks

The Cabled socks are completed, sorry about the photo, but the plants have a fine dust of ash on them and I couldn't find a clean outdoor surface anywhere, as soon as the plants dry, they are covered in ash again from the local fires, so I got creative and hung them from a pant hanger - not a glamorous picture, but proof they are done! My friend couldn't stop giggling with delight.
I finally got around to reading this book and was in for a pleasant surprise, it was a fun read. I can actually recommend this book - not too gory and the yarn store described in this book makes me want to move to this small imaginary town.
The author has written a series of these book -I keep surprising myself, I would not usually follow a whole series of books, but actually may this time and have bought the second book in the series and have just begun reading it, hope it is as good as the first book, now I'm torn between reading and knitting. I'll have photos next weekend of my WIP (or perhaps even a completed project if the overtime at work dies down a bit).
Did I mention that I miss cooking? I am getting a new kitchen sink and counter top, which is now on hold until some one's back gets better. So I am in kitchen limbo and hope all will be repaired fairly soon.
The new kitchen counter top is going to be mostly white tile with touches of black and the new sink is one of those smart sinks - still cast iron and very heavy (hence a back injury ensued and the project is on hold until they are mended and able to work on it again).
Flowers seem to always make everything better, you forget your problems (like the lack of a kitchen) and get lost in their color, if they have fragrance to boot, then its a double dose of pleasure.


Natalie said...

Love the color of the socks. They look great.

Hope your kitchen gets finished soon.

kathryn said...

I didn't realise you were so close to the must be really scary

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

Yes, flowers do seem to make things better. . . .
Congratulations on finishing the giggle-inducing socks! :-)

If those books come in audio, you could both knit *and* read -- I like to do them that way myself.

Aline said...

Pretty socks! Is that lavendar? Glad you are not evacuated...sorry you have to live with the fires so close...all the best! xx