Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wrap = Practicing Patience

I decided to knit the Every Way Wrap from Interweave Knits, it looked like so much fun. So like a good little knitter I made enlarged copies of the chart, read all the directions and then began my project. The ribbing goes very well, then I begin the cable part of the chart and it does not look like the photo, so I'm thinking - Never mind I'm sure it will begin looking like it very soon and as I approached the 17th line of the chart - I realized that I must have gotten something wrong and frog it back to the ribbing. Ever determined I begin again with expectation - watching for the beautiful cables to begin to appear (this time quit by line 10 and know I did not make any mistakes this time). My heart sinks as I realize this looks like mud - no beautiful cables anywhere! So I put it aside and tried to calm my mind. Then it occurs to me to look at their website and BINGO there is a revised key for the chart. So I frogged once again back to the ribbing and this time the chart worked - really it did and I think it will be something versatile and comfortable to wear.

I am knitting the wrap with Frog Tree Merino in a color called Melange. In the photo it appears gray, but the color is a muted antique lavender and at certain angles you can see a glimpse of a soft antique peachy tone, the yarn is so soft and a pleasure to knit with. I am determined to knit this even in the hot weather we are experiencing.

The weather has been simply awful, temps over 100 and with the wildfires the air is smokey and difficult to breath - so I escaped to Newport Beach which was surprisingly warm at about 90 degrees, but the air was good to breath and here are the views from my suite.
We got the last room available and it had different views of the back bay. It was more at an angle to the bay, but the views were still glorious.
From this room you could also see more of the back bay in the distance and in the horizon the homes along the cliffs of the back bay. At night it was really nice to look at the distant lights that twinkled and reflected in the water.
I thought I could show you the completed pair of socks this posting, but as I was about to begin the toe decreases, I proudly held the pair up together to gaze at my accomplishment when I noticed one sock looked a little shorter than the other, I let out a groan and thought, maybe just a little stretching will do the trick - after all they are for a size 10 foot so there must be a little give - but no the sock refused to budge (darn cables). So I ripped the sock back to just above the heel and added the darn 1/2 inch. Maybe by the next post I'll have them done - besides its just WAY TOO HOT to take a photo of my friend in these socks - yes that's it - I'm being a considerate friend and sparing her the trial of donning wool socks in 100 degree weather. By the way to calm my nerves I watched Jets take off from my balcony, the different color planes were so pretty against the blue skies and for some reason comforted me.
I bought this book and want to cook the Beef Bourguignon and can hardly wait for the weather to cool off as the thought of something heavy right now is just not appealing. Hope it photographs well so that I can share it with you. I really do love cooking, usually I stick to Italian, so French style cooking should be interesting. Has anyone made this recipe? If so - what did you think of it?


Marissa said...

Nice cables! You were wise to get out of Dodge, and go to such a pretty place...though I am flabbergasted at you ripping out that sock to add 1/2 inch!!! Even MY OCD wouldn't have had the fortitude! I must conclude that there was wine involved.

Natalie said...

Glad you found the errata. There is nothing more frustrating then a pattern gone wrong. The yarn looks beautiful. Can't wait to see it.

Kathy... said...

Thanks for the information about the errata. I know I should always check before starting a pattern....but usually forget about doing so. I'll be interested in knowing how you like the project. I am thinking about it..... I love the color you have chose, and am familiar with the yarn. It should be so soft and gorgeous!

Rhondi said...

Hi Jean
Thanks fo rthe suggestion to stencil tht ewalls. I had thought of that as a possibility too.
I love the wrap and I'm sure it will turn out great!