Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A pair of Socks!

The sock yarn below was such a pleasure to work with, I had never knitted with Koigu before and what a joy it was. The yarn reminded me of Monet's garden paintings (above). This is the second time I've knitted the Embossed Leaf Pattern sock and I loved the interplay of color with the pattern.

I am also over the second sock syndrome and joyfully completed the second one (see below for proof). They looked lovely with the volunteer Sweet Peas that meanders up my Japanese Maple in the front yard and also gently cradled by my gigantic French Lavender shrub.
While I was on my vacation in July one of the places I also visited was the quaint Danish inspired town of Solvang. Here is one of the cottages (see below) at the Motel where I stayed (alas they were not available during my trip, but I thought them cute). The motel was simple without alot of perks, but the town is a wonderful place to walk (as you can see from the photo above the Architecture gives the town its character). The air is clean as it is surrounded by miles of foothills, there are loads of shops, places to dine and even a yarn/spinning shop (which I won't go into details on as they did not want to become too busy with visitors - a rather odd remark, but I will respect their wishes and they will remain nameless).
The food isn't all Danish either and I chose to have dinner at an Italian restaurant called Cafe Angelica, they have things on the menu that were not your typical Italian menu. So being on vacation I ventured away from my norm and stared with mussels and clams which were so fresh and very very yummy, sopped up with some superb garlic bread!

After dinner the Latte that arrived was simply decadent and what should I have to accompany it?

DESSERT!!!! Now keep in mind that Solvang is full of bakeries, but they had so many fabulous things to choose from here that I just had to have one, It was hard to pick just one, but the aroma of rich dark chocolate that wafted from the chocolate cake was overwhelming (it turned out to be one of the best I have ever tasted). I did not feel too guilty as I had been walking most of the day and strolled about a bit more before returning to the Motel.
Solvang is famous for its Aebelskiver, so I felt it my duty to order it for breakfast, (just so that I could get a photo of it for you - yes I'm so self sacrificing). It's doughy and not too sweet which goes so well with the Raspberry Jam that tops it. (are you drooling yet?)
Thank you for sharing my vacation with me. I love to travel - to experience new places or to revisit ones that have grown dear to my heart.


Aline said...

great yarn! Nice to see your lovely pix...A.xx

Kay-From the Back Yard said...

I like that sock pattern, too.

Thanks for sharing your vacation!

Natalie said...

Oh man...I want to try one of those abelskivers. It looks amazing.

You socks are very pretty

Marguerite said...

Yes, you made me drool.

On my way to the kitchen now, but I don't have anything there that even comes close to your pictures.