Tuesday, August 18, 2009


One of my friends asked me for a couple of pairs of socks, I had never knitted a pair for a woman who wears a size 10 shoe and was not sure that I had enough of the blue sockyarn, so I improvised and used some leftover tweed yarn for the top and toe. She loves them - I was so pleasantly surprised that someone would love something that I made, she just kept saying "these are sooo cool", they fit perfectly. I made a couple of alterations as the cable really tightens up the leg, so I switched to from a size 3 to a size 4 needle and went back to the size 3 about 6 inches into the pattern. I've begun the second sock and really must finish them soon while the changes I made are fresh in my mind.
When I came into work on Monday, the girls in my group had surprised me this plant. I love flower plants in the bud stage, to watch them develop and bloom fills me with wonder. The leaves on this plant are glossy and make my little space a much more pleasant place to be.

I was pulling up some of my previous photos and was surprised that I had not used this photo earlier, the flowers remind me of Southern Bells with their full skirts. Does anyone know what these flowers are called?
Surprise! Boy was I , I was taking a photo of the goodies we had from a coffee house when a bird swooped down and quickly grabbed a piece - daring little thing. It liked the berry cobbler so much that it kept landing on the chair across from me and even on the table itself and scolded me severely when I put them in the trash.


Kathy... said...

I am not surprised at all that your friend liked the socks, they are quite lovely!! So...what is the flower. The bird's actions certainly would be shocking!! I probably would have dropped the camera....yikes!

Natalie said...

Your socks are lovely and a sweet gift. That bird is bold...very bold. But who can resist blueberry cobbler? I can't.

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

How wonderful that your friend liked the sock so much! Appreciation can feel SOOOO good -- to both of you!

And what a spoiled bird. He probably lives on coffee shop tidbits every day. (Lets all try not to envy him/her too much! Berry cobbler . . . yummmmm!)

kathryn said...

They are lovely socks - it's really nice for something you've made to be so appreciated. I have to be careful who I give hand knits to as not everyone considers the time, effort and thoughts that have gone into it.