Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yarn Comfort

I've had a bit of a trial lately and now things are taken care of. So where do I turn for comfort? Why of course I turned to yarn, I practically waded in it and found the colors a friend wanted for her winter hat & socks. I used sheer determination to find wool in these bright colors and searched literally on my hands and knees through milk crates full of yarns in a rather large yarn store and EUREKA!!! buried in the last bin I searched was the two balls above - all I know is they are 100% wool and are a sport weight. Hope there is enough for a pair of socks.
These will make a fine looking hat for her - must have ear flaps, so the search for a great pattern is on. (It's hard to tell, but the dark yarn is actually purple).

I had to go to an area of Riverside that I have never been to before and found this wonderful sign above, I love it when I find these little treasures. It was a 10 mile drive down this road and I just kept running into things that I found delightful.

I came across this fruit stand surrounded by an Orange Grove and it brought back memories from my childhood - after all I was raised in Orange County - which did have Orange Groves then. They had some delicious looking Avocados (had to get them - they are so good for your skin & hair) and also many flavors of licorice (had to get just 1 little bag, tee hee).
Southern California used to have quite a few buildings with kitchy architectural features and I miss them, this was just across the street from the fruit stand. The street was lined both sides by the Palm Trees below.
Which was then backed by the acres of Orange Trees, I hadn't realized how much I miss those trees and wish they could have kept a few of the Orange Groves around. There is something endearing about these trees and I remember the scent of Orange Blossoms in the evening.
Another treasure from the past, an actual drive in, I remember we used to bring my mom's fried chicken, home made bread & butter pickles and roasted corn (with butter and soysauce), the whole car smelled heavenly, accompanied by glasses of Kool-Aid, while happily watching a Doris Day film (Mom liked those) or a John Wayne Movie for my dad or if we were especially lucky a Disney movie for my brother & myself.

Its is nice to remember the good times but for the most part I just live in the moment and appreciate what is occurring right now. Savoring every breath and drinking in life's beauty.


Ellen Bloom said...

Jean! I love the roadside landmarks that you found! I can't believe they're all still there!

The yarn is beautiful...lime green socks rock!

Glad all of this had led to remember the good times!

Aline said...

Beautiful thoughts! Kinda makes me the trees! (again) I'm so predictable. hee! A.xx