Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Too tired to be clever

The hours of overtime this past two weeks has been very challenging, but I am grateful to have a job and now have more financial responsibilities - so it is very much needed. It does make blogging a challenge. This is my latest project - Cookie's Monkey socks with Paton's sock yarn and I'm trying my hand at knitting two at a time. Last night I attended a local knitting group that meets at the Anaheim Starbucks on Lincoln, we had a great time. They call themselves All Things String (yahoo group). I will definitely make this a regular thing, so nice to sit and chat with fellow knitters.
This sock (may it rest in peace) was going to be for my neighbor - after frogging them three times in an attempt to make them a little more comfortable (they felt HORRIBLY stiff and I think would be tortuous to wear), now they are destined for the frog pond. It made me a little sad as I do so love the design and it was fun to do, but how do you make these things wearable? The yarn was reused for the monkey socks above and the blue will be used for another nice sock design.

This Saturday is the meeting of our monthly knitting group at the LA Farmer's Market, we meet from 10am through noonish. On my last trip there I strolled by this candy display and thought - how many children must pass this, their eyes wide open, filling their heads with sweet dreams of rainbow lollipops. The L A Farmer's market is a wonderful place to go, I have to visit it each month, with each step you are rewarded with wonderful aromas from the surrounding cafes, creating a dilema as to where and what you will choose to experience. The worlds best donuts (Bob's)? Incredibly tender Belgian Waffles? Perhaps sitting at the french cafe with a bon amie?
Then after my knitting group I'll wander over to the Barnes & Noble for another book and visit Gary and have him rescue another pair of shoes. I love everything about this place!


Karen said...

Ooohhh, with such lovely pictures and great content, who needs clever?? I loved hearing all about the socks and the knitting group and the wonderful food at the Farmer's Market!!

kathryn said...

What a lovely photo of the candy!

Sorry about the too tight socks - it's easy to knit a bit too tightly when you're fairisling.

Natalie said...

Too bad about the one sock. But your other pair looks great.

Thanks for commenting about my spinning. It is fun but takes practice. Unfortunately I will not be at the fab Farmer's Market this Sat to share my spin creations. Me and the hubs are heading out to Big Sur for vacation. Maybe next month...then I should have lots of practice yarn.

Have fun on Saturday.

Aline said...

just a quick hello and thanks for giving me the treat tip for my bird...he loves Cheerios! I can't wait to make a new pair of Monkeys...I accidently felted the last handspun ones and am very sad...A.xx

Marguerite said...

They are/were pretty socks. I have no idea how to make fairisle socks work, either.

Love the Monkeys. Can't remember how many pair I've knit. They make great gift socks because they seem to adapt to any size foot.

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

Maybe the stiffness is a gauge thing, but it may be from the nature of stranded knitting itself. I haven't done socks with colorwork, but I did run into similar problems with a slipped-stitch pattern producing a less flexible sock.

Ellen Bloom said...

Nice post. The new Monkeys look great! We call the Original Farmers Market the VORTEX of Los Angeles. Eventually, everyone gets sucked into this place!!

smariek said...

Ah, I guess I would have known which yarn it was if I read the older post first. :-)

Beautiful candy. I'm sure I've had big candy on a stick when I was a kid, but I don't remember every finishing one. It's A LOT of candy!