Sunday, October 25, 2009

Warmth at the Huntington

Today was another warm day at the Huntington Library. The Roses were still in force (have quite a few more photos to share over the next couple of posts). The fragrance of their Rose gardens in the heat of the day is amazing, the quiet only broken by the buzz of the honey bees.
The colors of nature astounds me, the vivid orange red against the soft yellow, with the sun streaming through the petals, wish I could have done it justice, but this was the best that I could do, still nice - even in the photo.
It became a little too warm to continue strolling in the sun. The cafe's tables sit under these amazing trees. Gently sheltering you from the direct sun, but still bright enough to sit and read comfortably.
Yummm - French Fries, spring water (in a wonderfully thick glass bottle) and a new book. What more could one ask for? Well I did have the company of a tremendously great friend who shared the French Fries with me.
I really did intend to share knitting photos with you this post, I even made sure to bring a WIP with me(you can see the circular needles just peeking out of my bag) and intended to knit while sitting on the Veranda. It's right off the main house and is donned with the most delightful wicker chairs, beautiful potted plants and statues. There is this perfect breeze, even on warmer days, it gently cools you. I thought about the Huntingtons and how their family must have enjoyed afternoon teas. It is a place for day dreaming (which is what I did) along with a little more reading.
When I looked up from my book, this is one of the statues that I could gaze at. Sigh - so peaceful.
Everywhere you turn there is beauty, the soft curves worn a little by the ages, still breathtaking - still beautiful.
Ooops! Looked what I missed, I noticed this on my way out, looks like I'll have to go back in a couple of weeks and visit this new exhibit. Next post I will be sure to include knitting photos!


kathryn said...

It sounds as if you've still got Summer there! Gorgeous flowers!

We're well into Autumn both at home and here in France

Marguerite said...

Beautiful flowers.

Know what you mean about wishing you could do the colors justice. That's how I feel about the autumn colors we have now. So beautiful, deep, and alive. My pictures only give a hint of their beauty.

Ellen Bloom said...

Your photos are outstanding, Jean! I love the Huntington too!!!

Natalie said...

Love the Huntington.

Sounds like a perfect day.

smariek said...

Coming up for a little air. I miss reading your blog. You take beautiful photos, I especially like the yellow flower in the 2nd photo.