Wednesday, November 25, 2009

80 degree Cowl

I have been knitting this cowl in spite of 80 degree weather, the yarn is so pretty and is a combination of silk and wool with a wonderful sheen. It isn't very soft though and it is a thick and thin yarn (not exactly sure of the terminology) that would not hold up well to a garment, hence the cowl, I will have about 3 hanks left - any ideas? I am hoping that when I wash it - the yarn will soften - we shall see.

Last Sunday was photo day for the family so off we went to downtown Disney. The mist from this waterfall was refreshing as the day was a little warm.
Here are my great Nieces and nephew, it was a great idea to bring this along to keep them occupied as the photos took so long. The younger generation kindly retrieved all the balls that kept flying in every direction.
This is the little darling Danzie who is the sweetest baby I've ever had the privileged to have known. Her mommy does such a fine job with her too.
Birds of Paradise just thrive in our climate and are everywhere. This one was a beauty - for my snowbound friends - enjoy!


Natalie said...

The colors of the cowl are beautiful.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

Perhaps I've never seen Bird-of-Paradise plants growing, because I hadn't ever noticed how similar in shape the leaves are to the flowers. Interesting!

Marguerite said...

Not snowbound yet, but enjoyed the Bird-of-Paradise anyway.

Love seeing the pictures of your family.

smariek said...

Your great nieces/nephews look like they're having fun there.

Beautiful colors in your cowl. What yarn is that?