Monday, November 30, 2009

Where did the time go?

I had bought a really nice pair of black Mary Janes and was trying desperately to find a nice lacy sock, what I found was that most of the patterns are toe up and try as I may I COULD not get the provisional cast on. Does anyone know of a good You Tube for this? Well anyways I found the Hedera pattern on Knitty and decided to make them into knee highs (hopefully have enough yarn). I started them on a size 3 needle (cast on 60 just like the pattern states) and plan to move down to a size 2 for the lower calf and then the foot will be knitted in a size 1 (hope this works). Using Rowan 4ply has been a blissful experience and so far it fits my calf just fine.
Here is the Mansey legwarmer, its so cool looking on, adds an edge to these worn black denim slim pants (hate to say skinny). I love the way they lay over the boot, if you love leg warmers you should give this pattern a try, the cables make it interesting, I did amend the pattern a bit to account for being just a hair under 5'2" by eliminating one of the cable repeats, added a slouchy effect by using a size 8 needle (verses a size 7 the pattern calls for) and knitted using the directions for the size small. (To get a better photo I think I need to practice gymnastics a bit.)
I'm hooked on reading mysteries again, I am growing fond of Monica Ferris's books that center (at least in my opinion) around a store called Crewel World, the books are very entertaining and an easy read, as the series goes it feels like the characters have come into their own and I grow fonder of them with each book. I am also almost through with Maggie Sefton's series and with only two more books to go - I thought - better find another series to start, so it will be the Tea Mysteries by Laura Child's (this time I'm doing it right and starting at the beginning).
Isn't it PRETTY!!!! A very dear friend knows how much I've enjoyed blogging bought me a camera that can take macro shots - so this will hopefully improve the photos of my knitting. I will dedicate some time later this week to read the manual and then next weekend I'll have to find time to actually play with it (hope its user friendly). This dear friend would wish to remain anonymous, but I am so grateful as I could not afford this myself right now. At the end of this week I will turn another year older and will be 51 years of age (still got carded 2 years ago though - tee hee). It is so surprising how quickly time flies - really amazing how could I be this old?


Dave said...

Have you tried Judy's Magic Cast On? It's about the easiest toe-up I've found.

Nice camera! And also, Happy Birthday!

Natalie said...

Your knits are fantastic. Th lacy sock is very pretty and the leg warmer is really cute. Now I want a pair.

Happy Birthday!

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Another vote for Judy's magic cast on. But I still like cuff-down socks best.

I like your leg warmer; it looks very stylish.

Grace said...

Whenever I need to make a provisional cast on I always watch the video at ( before I start. Good luck!

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

I learned during Sock Madness, where you can't be declared complete with the current level of the race until you've posted a flickr photo of your socks on adult feet, that it is VERY DIFFICULT to photograph one's own feet!! Especially if you're trying for flattering. :-) So, I can say of your leg warmer photo: Good Job! They look cozy and stylish.

And Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

yay you got your camera. it looks good. those leg warmers look great.

danzie's mom

Artis-Anne said...

Gosh so many lovely FO and I adore those leg warmers . Must look for the pattern . Thank you so very mush for droping by my blog I really appreciate it after my long absence

smariek said...

I don't do a provisional cast on for toe-up socks anymore, too much "work" to find scrap yarn. I love Judy's Magic Cast On. I use JMCO 24 stitches, do increases in the next 3 rounds, then do increases every other round until I get the number of stitches I want for my sock.

The legwarmers look stylish.

mali said...

Love the leg warmers, and my dancing daughter is begging me for a pair. I haven't been able to find the pattern - could you tell me where to find it please?