Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

I haven't been able to post any photos as the USB ports on my computer are not working and I don't know what's wrong, there aren't alot of funds right now so I'm not sure when I can get it fixed. I have a new camera and have taken some photos at the Huntington, the flowers were amazing and I love the way this camera allowed me to show some of their detail. I also took some photos of my knitted projects and a want to post new pattern I wrote for a cowl - complete with photos,

My dog Wooster is still fighting this abcess thing and I am doing my best to help him with hot packs and antibiotics, I'll be increasing the hot packs this weekend to 4 times a day, he is the most loving dog and a great patient. Good luck to everyone in this New Year, I wish you all the best, things are bound to get better and I do have things to be grateful about, a job, a measure of health and a few good friends and my fellow bloggers whose encouraging words and beautiful blogs encourage me greatly.


pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Have you checked to see if your old camera can still load photos? Maybe it's a new camera issue, or else the USB cable. Worth a try anyway.

Happy new year; see you around!

Aline said...

thinking of you and your dear pet
good luck with the new camera issues and looking forward to the promised pics

All the best this year! A. xx

Dave said...

Best wishes for the New Year! I hope you're eventually able to resolve your cable issues -- I love your photos.

Ellen Bloom said...

Happy New Year, Jean! 2010 will be a good one!

kathryn said...

Wishing you a Very Happy and Peaceful New Year

Natalie said...

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for the year. That pesky abscess...much love and healing to Wooster. He has a very good nurse!