Sunday, January 24, 2010

Redondo Beach Pier

The sun was out and after being cooped up all week with the rain it was time for an outing. After breakfast at CJ's Diego & I took a spontaneous detour to the pier and met this beautiful student from China, she was so full of life - her eyes danced with merriment (oh to be young again). I enjoyed talking with her and her two friends, they are here to study English and in two months time they spoke pretty well. They were delightful.

The pier has so much character, it's not all scrubbed and hygienic (some Orange County beach areas lost all their individuality, they tore down the quirky fun buildings and made them bland and beige) this pier is funky don't you love this sign and I bet it would be a really great photo at night with the neon all lit up

Red Yellow and Blue - just looks like fun, if I hadn't been so full from breakfast I would have had to try this, well that just gives me another excuse to go back. Maybe on a warm sunny afternoon I'll grab one of their lemonades and a corn dog too - sounds yummy!

This fellow was sizing me up, probably thinking "you got something for me?" The birds at the pier are brazen, they will walk up to any tourist and demand food from them - hmmm maybe walking the pier with a corn dog may not be such an attractive idea now, I can imagine them stalking me and demanding my food from me. I watched them following a family that was eating ice cream cones, more and more gulls were landing near this family and following them, it looked like a seagull parade.
From the end of the pier I watched in wonder at the spray that washed upon the rocks. This never ceases to amaze me and I could never grow tired watching the movement of water, in all its different forms.

I have some projects on the needles now, another pair of Mosey Legwarmers (I love wearing the pair I have now) and Kim my hair dresser gave a subtle hint that she loved the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret that I had given Melissa, so I'll have to knit one this week and drop it by for her. Will post knit photos soon.


Marguerite said...

Great pictures as always. Glad the sun finally came out for you, at least for a little while.

Aline said...

Ooo has poured rain all day much so that on my day off to do laundry it rained and melted so much snow, the drainage was laundry then...only some cooking and knitting. Your photos are very timely indeed! A. xx

Ellen Bloom said...

Great photos! I LOVE that old sign!