Monday, September 22, 2008

Ahhh The Sweet Life

Vanilla Marshmallows - food is especially difficult to photograph as my three Standard Poodles can reach almost everything that I can (and sometimes more) - so I firmly shut the bedroom door and photographed them on the bed. They were so soft and squishy - pillows of sweetness.
Kidsilk Haze - the queen of lace yarns, isn't this an incredible color? I found a cowl in a lace pattern and I am working up the courage to delve into it. (I LOVE RED).

Beauty in a bundle - this is Malabrigo's colorway Garnet which is a soft red. Both of the Malabrigo's will be made into cowls, currently I am considering the Crofter's Cowl. - If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

The color on this yarn is a little richer than the photo shows, it was very camera shy and refused to be photographed by my camera. It is Malabrigo's Stonechat (rich reds, greens and browns).

I found a delicious simple recipe for slow roasted tomatoes my photos aren't that great, but the taste is sublime, The tomatoes were of the heirloom variety and I used some of my favorite extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany to secure these little gems.

I have always adored still lives (this one is by the Dutch Master Willem Kalf). The painting's rich details draw you in, It is so enticing that it makes you want to reach out and grab the golden pitcher and pour yourself a glass of wine.

Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a still life at the coffee house, it is rich in details as the photos below illustrate. This place is so comfortable it feels like a home away from home, where one can linger for hours, either reading quietly to oneself or chatting with a dear friend while knitting on my latest project.

I was comfortably seated in the library section of the coffee house - really cozy.


smariek said...

I've never had vanilla marshmallows before. Where did you find them?

I have the same problem trying to photograph knitting. I put knitting on the bed to be photographed, then DD climbs up and pats/moves the knitting, or she's moving too much on the bed. I've shut the bedroom door on occasion, but she doesn't like that, so I take quickie photos which come out just as bad. lol.

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

luscious colours, and I adore marshmallows especially melted on a toasting fork in front fo the fire:)

smariek said...

Thanks for the offer, Jean. I do have a Trader Joe's in town, I'll go take a lookie next time I go there. That is such a dangerous place to shop, it's so easy for unplanned stuff to fall into the shopping cart there. Hmmm... it's a little like yarn shopping! lol.

BTW, I don't know if I had explained to you why my blog is in French. It's only temporary. It's an experiment to see whether a blog scraper will lose interest in my blog and take me off his list of blogs to copy and republish.

There is someone who copies my entire blog posts and reposts them on his blog. He does this with several knitting blogs. He must make money somehow by having people visit his site, I'm just not sure how. Anyhow, all the blogs posts he copies are in English language. Just for kicks, I'm experimenting with some French posts (although, very badly written French) to see if he will lose interest in copying my blog. Or perhaps he will repost my French posts, I'd find that amusing if he did.

My blog posts will eventually revert back to it's normal English self someday soon, I hope.

I thought about temporarily password protecting the blog (or making it private and unreadable) for a few weeks, but I decided not to because I know a lot of people visit my blog for the free patterns and I'd rather not temporarily "close up shop" if I can avoid it.

BTW, my email addy is in my Blogger profile page and also my Ravelry profile page. :-) I used to have a Kontactr button in my sidebar, but I don't see it right now, hmm, where did it go?

Tracy Batchelder said...

Somehow I'm feeling hungry for marshmallows and tomatoes now. Don't know if that's a good combination though. Also, love all the "delicious" yarn.