Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seeing Red

Red has brought itself to my attention this week, it caught my eye at every turn and brought to my recollection bits of red yarn that were lingering in my stash - too little to make anything of size, but too much to be tossed. I remember that the darling Kody May had several headbands and decided to try my hand at another of her marvelous creations. The first two headbands below are her "Anticonformity" . It's really difficult to take a photo of yourself to capture a decent picture of the headband so please see Kody May's blog for a much better photo . (By the way she has the cutest hat patterns - so much talent!)

I also knitted the Maner hair accessory (it's not quite a headband) which also refused to photograph well, but it does look good on and is perfect for the cooler weather. (It's so rewarding to do these little quick knits, almost instant gratification.)

I also so red while walking thru a parking lot in the tree leaves and marveled at the beauty of nature.

I saw red while preparing this delicious Toasted Coconut Coffee. (a gift from Hawaii - what a generous friend)

Red was peeping out from every stall at the Farmers' Market this week In the Dragon Fruit

In the mixed berries
The little boxes of berries reminded of childhood games of tic tac toe.
Don't you think the berry pattern would make for a lovely quilt.

The red bell peppers with their vibrant color drew me to them, who would not love to cook with something so vital.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,

Nice headbands. My mother in law knits little hats and sweaters all the time for our kids. Out off all the nice clothes that our kids have, the knitted ones are always the best and most treasured. I saw you mention that it is challenging to get a picture of yourself with the headbands. There is an easy way actually! Checkout the XShot at It's a perfect device to photograph yourself anywhere! - DD

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

gorgeous colours Jean and thank you for the blog comment.

Kody May said...

Gorgeous photos as always! Those berry patterns would make a gorgeous quilt! Those headbands knit up fast!!!! Thank you for the praise. Happy knitting!!!

Artis-Anne said...

Gorgeous colours and I love your photos.
Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

gilraen said...

I always adore your beautiful photography!! I feel as if I could just reach out and take a handful of the fruit! :)