Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stop & Think Sometimes

My brain should have said this to me!
Mindless knitting - Garter Stitch scarf - so you would think. So I merrily caston while watching a movie and failed to note the number of stitches I had done and believe it or not I still did not notice as I was knitting how wide the scarf was. I was about 3/4 of the way thru when I finally realized it was too wide and would look almost like a shawl, (not a good thing for a guy). So I frogged it and now it is just right. The photo doesn't do this marvelous yarn justice, it is one of Schafer's yarn and was a joy to work with. Its very soft and supple - you would never guess it was wool.

Greenleaf Street in Whittier is chock full of charming details that are comforting to me. Its nice to see that everything has not been homogenized and painted the infamous beige. I will definitely go back for daytime photos of various buildings as I love the little details. This street encourages you to slow down, and look around you. A nice street to walk and shop (see photos below)

I searched the street for the lovely flowers that I usually notice, the heat wave we've been having has tired out most of them, these were still lovely (the protection of the mighty Ficus may have helped some.)

I really enjoy going to the Sweet Shop, their displays show the care the owner has for her shop, just little touches that make a difference (at least to me). Their truffles are so smooth and creamy and they tenderly place them in a box for you with such care.

There were several barrels of candy - all eye catching in there own way, the color contrast between the bright and more pastel shades was surprisingly pleasing don't you think?

I loved the way these candy boxes photographed - reminds me a little of a Warhol.


smariek said...

I love details on older buildings, they don't look like plain "boxes".

Pop over to my blog and grab your award! :-)

gilraen said...

Oh those truffles look divine!!!! :)

Tracy Batchelder said...

The yarn you used for the scarf is gorgeous! Great "guy colors" though I even like it for myself.