Sunday, March 15, 2009


Life is full of surprises, though some not so pleasant ones do arise, please do pardon my absence, and the absences that may occur from time to time, an unpleasant health issue has arisen and while not life threatening can be painful and will definitely slow me down, I have placed myself in the care of a good Holistic practitioner and hope that I will recover from this completely with time. (Ok enough of that now). I am a fortunate woman who loves life and all it has to offer. I have a Niece who is getting married in April, she also appreciates my knitting and so I took her shopping for the yarn (she wanted a scarf for her Honeymoon in San Francisco). What a fortunate Aunt I am to have loving Nieces who appreciate the simple things I knit.
Thrift - I decided to use this leftover yarn and created a simple crew sock, It fits well, but I must admit that I am so spoiled now by the beautiful patterns that I am discovering that I lost interest in knitting up the second sock and so this sad little single will have to wait for its mate.

The Eclectic Sole has so many gorgeous sock patterns, this is the Hydrangea pattern, it is so feminine, I can picture it with a lacy white skirt for summer. These colors are a perfect reflection of my Variegated Hydrangea Shrub that sits outside the window, a perfect place to rest your eyes, especially during a blogathon, where one wonderful blog draws you to the next...

The Rivendale Sock is completed and the second sock is about 1/2 way done, I will have to try this sock again in a solid color, perhaps an orchid color or a soft butter yellow would really show this glorious pattern to its fullest. The sock is so interesting that even knitting the second sock has been fun!

I've made the most wonderful discovery, the LA Farmer's Market. What a fabulous place to wander about, It is so full of life, surrounded by warm families, couples in love, Senior Citizens in groups chatting over cups of coffee, the people here have a love for life and the warmth of this place reflects that.

I had been craving a great donut for months now, and finally found the best I've ever had at this place. A friend and I sampled a few donuts, but then discovered the most incredible Beignets here, they had a wonderful slightly crisp exterior and the most tender interior that just melted in your mouth. The good old fashioned coffee went well with this simple fare. I HIGHLY recommend this place.

The Farmer's Market has a wonderful Tea Shop, teas in bulk, I was enchanted with these beautiful rose buds (my friend did purchase some and I'll bet it was wonderful). Can't you just picture these lovelies being presented to you in a glass tea pot. Perhaps with a lovely bowl of Fresh Strawberries. The aromas would be heavenly!

These Oranges were so vibrant, they looked juicy and felt heavy in my hand, with so many things to choose from, I had to leave these behind as I would have needed a very large truck to take everything home. I have more photos of the Farmer's Market to share on my next post.


Marguerite said...

Lovely pictures, as always.

I hope the sock progress means you found your Electic book?

You seem to feel as I do about keeping the blog a positive place and not going on and on about the bummer things in our life.

I've been having some health issues (nothing life threatening) myself for the past several months and am just starting to have good days again. It feels SO wonderful to feel good after feeling not so great for so long. I wish the same health happiness for you. Soon!

smariek said...

I noticed you hadn't blogged in a while and was wondering what was up. I hope you feel better soon! Lovely knitting. I want to dive into that tea shop!

Aline said...

I've never seen a pot of rose buds! I would melt on the spot. Get well soon...we all seem to be slowed down by one thing or another. Hope you can still knit your heart out!

kathryn said...

Sorry to hear of your health issues - I'm sure you'll find the Holistic medicine a great help. I hope so.

I love the Eclectic Sole book too, and I think Rivendell is one of my favourites but Hydrangea comes a close second. They are lovely in your choice of yarn.

But especially I love your plain crew sock!! Please make its pair...the colours are wonderful!