Monday, March 30, 2009


I have a few WIP's in progress, this scarf is so much fun to knit, it's a free pattern on Smariek's blog (There is a link to her blog listed under my favorites) and the pattern is called Osiris. The yarn is one of Knit Picks "Essential" in the colorway called Mermaid and I am using a #3 circular needle which seems to be the right size for the pattern. The photo above shows the true color of the yarn, but I couldn't get good stitch definition so I turned on the dreadful fluoresent light and got the stitch definition - but oh my, the color became ghastly, so please use your imagination and merge the two together (got the picture?)

I am making progress on my the other leaf sock, I did get distracted by Osiris, but will get this sock done shortly, although it's almost too warm to wear them now, but they shall keep nicely for next winter.

The wimple I'm knitting above just refused to be photographed, I shall have to wait until it is completed to see if it will pose for me. The colors are really rich shades of brown flowing beautifully into greens, the yarn is a fingering weight yarn by Schaefer Anne. The Pattern is Wavy Feathers and I am knitting it with a size 4 circular needle, I really do need to find a better way to take photos of my knitting, I see these lovely blogs with gorgeous photos and admire their ability to not only knit well, but take the most marvelous photos of work as well! It will give me a goal to work towards - oh to have gentler light streaming thru a window - instead of the Harsh California sun BLASTING in.

This is my new sock yarn, I finally caved in and bought a vibrant colors, it by Jitter Bug and the colorway is called Tapis 72. It is comprised of various shades of red and some black. I'm looking for the right pattern for this beauty, got any suggestions?

I came across these daffodils during one of my recent strolls at the Huntington Library, they looked so fresh, the contrast between the blue/green leaves and the stark white of the flowers is setting off little ideas in my head, perhaps the perfect colors to redo my bedroom, or maybe just dress it up a little with a new summer quilt.

Sometimes you come across something so appealing, I wish I could put my finger on it, but I really liked this vignette, it was in front of a shop at Fashion Island and I loved it.


Artis-Anne said...

Now your complaining about your harsh sunlight for taking photos and I am complaining about no sun :) Guess the grass is always greener ;)Such lovely knitting going on here and I love those leaf socks(believe me its still cold enough here for DK socks !!)
Isn't that Colinette's yarn Jitterbug in shade Tapis? The mill is not too far from where we live ; now thats a colourful place to visit :)

Dave said...

Gorgeous stuff all around!

Aline said...

Love those stitches! Here again, I will wish some weather balance for you and everyone!

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

I can see the Osiris-ness of that central pattern -- acutally, my first thought was of a Grecian lyre. . . maybe Orpheus?

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a cool looking scarf Aunt Jean

pat said...

The cables on your scarf are GORGEOUS!

smariek said...

You take such pretty pics when you're out and about. The Jitterbug colorway is gorgeous, I can't wait to see it knit up after you finish the Leaf Socks. I just ordered some KP Essential (kettle dyed) to try out. I seem to be collecting sock yarn faster than I can knit socks. I think I can do 1 pair of socks per month (if I knit nothing else) and I think I've got 5 years worth of sock yarn.

Glad you are enjoying the Osiris Scarf. It seems to be one of my less popular designs, probably because I made a bad yarn choice, Elann Baby Cashmere didn't have enough "body" to show off the cable stitches. Out of all the cable scarves, it was one that took me a longer time to put together.