Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tranquil Weekend

What a wonderful, tranquil weekend and I feel rested. I was fortunate enough to stay again at the Marriot Bay View (they just redecorated) The suite is even more wonderful with a King sized bed that has a feather bed over the mattress and a lightweight down blanket to snuggle under.
There were few people and it felt so quiet, you could stand on the balcony and listen to the sounds of the back bay and the wind as a storm blew in. The view from this room is a little different as you can see some of the hotel grounds as well as the incredible back bay in the distance. Flocks of birds descend on this area and I suggest binoculars if you really want to see them clearly. The storm caused flocks of birds to seek its refuge. There was an enormous white bird that I could not see very clearly as he was as he shielded by the mist, he had to be at least 4 feet high as the egrets looked minuscule next to it.

Embossed Leaf Socks
I began a new pair of socks and started with the Wavy Lace Socks for about the first inch and then moved onto the Embossed Leaves pattern (both from the Favorite Socks book). The yarn is a very reasonable yarn from Knit Picks "Essential" and the colorway is Granny Smith. The yarn is soft and cushy (a rather thick Fingering weight at 15.5 WIP) and since I knit loosely I used size 1 circular needles. The second sock has been started, this is such a pleasant sock to knit and I know this sounds silly, but its like having a good friend around, someone easy to be around, not too demanding and yet still interesting enough to hold your attention.

This sock also has an attractive side view, the purl stitches highlight the heel which seems to really hold it shape well. I wonder if this yarn will wear as it did tend to want to split a bit while knitting, the softness makes this a forgivable fault if the yarn keeps its loft thru my long days.

Giada had featured this place during one of her shows and I've had the opportunity to try it a couple of times. The crepes are nothing to write home about, mine (as well as a friend's) were thick and on the tough side and the savory fillings we chose lacked flavor. I would recommend their French Press Coffee and their Belgian Waffles ( be sure to splurge and get the real Maple Syrup).

There are a few bakeries at this market and I feel it is my duty to try them all for you (will the sacrificing never end?) There are so many beautiful foods at this market, the glass cases that they are housed in are unforgiving, most of my photos had reflections due to this glass...Argh!

These candy sticks reminded me of my childhood, they were in our local general store and when I moved to Southern California they bring up my childhood memories of Knotts Berry Farm (when it was free to walk about, no fence, and you paid for each ride your rode on).


Aline said...

How absolutely lovely! I feel as though I've been on vacation with you. I was thrilled to see your granny smith socks because it was the colour I picked for my next sock wool purchase. Great minds. I think I've put on a gram or two from the yum bakery nice to get away and be pampered. I hope you had lots of fun!

kathryn said...

Oh my!! A feather bed! I haven't slept in one of those since my childhood!
The bed and bedroom look so peaceful and what marvellous views!

I love your socks...

smariek said...

Beautiful socks!

Those candy sticks remind me of my childhood too ... I can't say I've seen them anywhere recently.

Oh my, that bakery looks dangerous. I love Palmiers....