Saturday, July 25, 2009

Green Valley

The Green Valley is a place I would like to experience during its cooler seasons, I would love to explore the local parks and visit some of the tribes that live here, but when the weather is over 100 degrees, I just made a beeline for the resort and hid from the heat and I am so glad that I did, the place was an indulgence. View from the Resort- the sky took your breath away with its beauty, the clouds danced across the sky, this is monsoon season and the clouds patterns were fascinating, in one cloud formation you could have dark grey, graduating up to a pure white, I've never seen anything like it.

The love seat was so comfy, the kind you sink into, so you grab a book and lay back, its the perfect size for me to curl up into with a nice glass of wine.

I did not get the chance to use the dinning table, but loved the idea of it being there. Egads - I just had an epiphany, with my new found interest in quilting, this would be the perfect place to do one of my projects! Can't you just see my sewing machine at one end and a WIP spread out behind it.

I did get a chance to briefly use the kitchen, the oven is so large, I've never used one like this before and felt a little guilty using it for such a little thing as a quiche, but you know what a new toy is like, you just have to use it. The kitchen is well stocked with wine glasses, dishware and some appliances, but if you really serious about your cookware, then you might want to bring one or two of your favorite ones. When I return I want to bring along a Le Creuset pot to make a stew - can you use them on the flat top stoves?

The bed was very, very comfy with a nice view of open fields. I had intended to do a little knitting right before I retired (honestly I did), but fell asleep with my knitting bag sitting on the bed beside me, the lights and TV on. I guess the long 8 hour drive in all that heat took a toll on me.
The next morning I had a luxurious bubble bath and soaked while reading one of Yarn Harlot's books, it just doesn't get much better than this. My vacation continues, next is Sedona, followed by Carmel by the Sea and then Solvang. I will be posting those soon along with photos of my latest yarn and fabric finds.


pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

That looks like a lovely place to stay. Have a great vacation!

Unknown said...

"Indulgence" is right -- lovely accomodations! Up there on those peaks, that's me waving: hi, Jean!

smariek said...

Looks like a comfortable place to stay.