Sunday, July 12, 2009

Redondo Beach

Spent part of the weekend in Redondo Beach and started off my day with breakfast at CJ's. The food is good and the portions are generous. It has a beachy casual atmosphere and the walls are painted with beach scenes (as you can see from below). The waitresses are so sweet, they were checking on me regularly and filling up the little coffee cup (even before it was halfway down).

A walk was in order after breakfast, the beach is only a couple of minutes away, so I strolled down there and this view greeted me. There is a Marina nearby so lots of boats were in the area. There is something majestic about the way they glide through the water, there were Sail boats as well, but they were not cooperative about having their photo taken.
There are rocks piled up everywhere and it was mesmerizing watching the waves wash up on them, splashes of white spray filled the air, the ocean air is so relaxing, you feel all your tensions ease away and your breathing becomes deeper. There is nothing like the smell of the ocean, once you've experienced it - it will linger in your memory.

Doesn't this look tropical? I thought of some of my readers when I took this photo. The Palm Trees really do lend to the landscape, I had taken them for granted until someone had commented on them. It opened my eyes and I take notice of them now.

I even take the time to look up at them and admire their foliage with the blue skies as their backdrop. Birds love to nest in them, especially if they are a little less tidy than this one. They hide their nests among the older fronds that can form a dense cover for them.

I have chosen a few more companions for the pink and white fabric that I had previously purchased. I think they get along quite well. Now what to do with them. I'm still pondering on this.


pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

I love the ocean, the look, the smell, the sound. I need to get to the beach! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Natalie said...

A day at the beach.

Life sure looks good from the beach.

I like the new fabrics too.

Dave said...

It looks like a beautiful place; I'll have to remember to come back and look at this again next January. :-)

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

"Mesmerizing" -- such an evocative word for the wave action! Ahhh, deep breathing.

smariek said...

Beautiful photos. Petty fabrics, what will you make with them?

pat said...

I like your soft fabric colors - now what to sew???
We are headed to the beach on Sunday - your beach pictures are beautiful!