Sunday, July 26, 2009


Sedona is an awesome place and I can see why it inspires artists to paint its vistas, even just the average joe like me can't help but want to capture its image. There is an energy about this place that causes one to become silent. You want to hear the whisper of the wind and the gentle calls of its birds and insects.
The rocks change so much, depending on the light, when the sun is bright the rocks are a much deeper red. As I came into this Valley the colors just jumped out at you, surprising you at its intensity - so vibrant and alive (we had just came through Phoenix with its dull sandy soil and extreme heat). The surrounding mountains though beautiful in there own way do not prepare you for Sedona. I can understand why so many want to live here, the architecture of the local buildings is very chic, galleries, boutiques and fine dining abound - quite dear to the wallet. That is why this motel was so surprising, its very simple and decent - also affordable.

The sign speaks for itself, straight forward and no nonsense. I really did not feel the need for anything more, the area surrounding it is full of restaurants that you can walk to and galleries that you can visit.

At the end of the motel was the best part, a nice covered patio. I had my coffee here and sat listening, gazing at the surrounding red hills and jagged peaks. Little bees visited me and hovered about eye level for a few moments before moving on. A fellow lodger came and joined me - he and his wife were celebrating their 20th Wedding Anniversary. It was so sweet to hear him sing her praises, he was happy with his life (he is a landscaper and was so glad that it could provide them with this vacation). A kind an gentle man who enjoyed the simple things in life.

Just down the street was a sweet collection of shops & restaurants. The sign above was charming and to me was an artistic expression - announcing the presence of a cafe. The things of everyday were made with an appreciation - something for the eyes to enjoy.
Here is another approach to the same set of shops, but with a different feel. The sound of the water and the statues evoke a Mediterranean feel.

And yet another approach makes it feel like you are standing in a European garden, I like the different approaches and the lack of a central theme, it feels spontaneous. Sorry no knitting to show you, I did work a little on the lace scarf, but I've already shown you that and it still has a long ways to go.


kathryn said...

What a lovely place and what a lovely description. You made it feel so alive for me!

smariek said...

I'd like to see Sedona someday.