Tuesday, July 7, 2009


My knitting time was almost non existent during the past week or so, horrendously long work hours just wore me out. It looks like its over with for now and so I can resume knitting on my Petra scarf (definitely not a quick knit, but very rewarding as you see the scarf start to grow little by little {I had inch by inch, but that would just be too fast}). Perhaps my readers won't mind my sharing photos of things that catch my eye - to see the wonders that surround us from another's viewpoint. I am finding that I love knitting lace and being a slow knitter with not a lot of spare time, well, there just wouldn't be much to show you. I have been inspired by fellow bloggers and their talents. Pat's quilts have been so incredibly beautiful that I picked up a few pieces of fabric, they look quite pretty together and perhaps I could add some solid white and a solid pink to them - or maybe some green - so confusing -what do you think? I'm not quite sure what to make with them, perhaps a tote? Any suggestions? I have never quilted before, but so admire the craft. For those of you who haven't visited Pat's blog, I highly suggest that you browse it, her knitting is as beautiful as her quilts and she takes wonderful photos that show the details of her craft. (You'll see her blog listed on the side under my favorite blogs).Nature inspires me, as I was exploring quilt patterns, I could see how the colors of a quilt could be inspired by nature and the colors she combines. The pinks above with the muted pinky browns of the stems and the green in the leaves. Or the various shades of yellow and greens of the rose bush below. I can see how all this inspiration can lead to love of fabric, for its color, texture and designs, now add to that all the beautiful quilts patterns available and the countless projects that could be created - its simply dizzying! For now I will exercise patience and bide my time, exploring this new interest and savoring it like a good read or a fine glass of wine - to be enjoyed.


My dear little kitty Lila is fascinated by my camera. She is staring at it almost mesmerized and makes a beeline for me every time I want to take photos of projects, yarn... her sweet little face instantly melts my heart and I forgive all her trespasses. Some kitties just love to be blog stars.

There are some stark places in California that have a certain strange beauty. This area I believe is called Red Rock where some friends went primitive camping (shudder). In the summer it is baked by the blazing sun and hot dry winds. It almost looks like it could be another planet.


pat said...

You have such an amazing eye for color that I don't think you need any help at all deciding on fabric colors - the soft pink/white of the fabrics you have are so pretty! Once you start buying fabric - it is just as addicting as yarn....watch out :-)

and....thank you for the very nice compliments!

Dave said...

Aw, what a sweet kitty face!

Natalie said...

Pat is right about the fabric addiction. Now I have a yarn stash and fabric stash. There are big and small quilting plans roaming around in my mind.

Looks like you have a few roaming around yours too. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...


Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

Hi, Lila! Nice to meet you.

smariek said...

Aw, Lila is cute.