Saturday, August 23, 2008


I had no intentions of stopping at at book store, but a friend needed a book to read at the coffee shop so being the self sacrificing creature that I am ( they really needed to twist my arm on this one) we located one on the way. I was perusing the knitting books, not expecting to find anything and found my now FAVORITE book on socks, there are so many patterns in this book that I am interested in knitting, I can hardly wait to get started, I have several projects going right now, still it wouldn't hurt to go to Suzoo's today and begin my hunt for some of the yarns I will need. Hopefully I will have photos to share with you if I locate any of the yarn.
Friday evening was quite spontaneous as a dear friend and I attended the Summer Festival at the Huntington Library in San Marino which was performed by Southwest Chamber Music. This was my first Chamber Music concert and I quite enjoyed it, but will admit that I really missed the soul stirring sounds of the violin. The following pieces were performed La Cheminee du Roi Rene by Darius Milhaud (1892 - 1974), Choros No. 2 for Flute & Clarinet by Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887 - 1959), Summer Music, Op. 31 by Samuel Barber (1910 - 1981), Bachianas Brasileiras No. 6 by Heitor Villa - Lobos and Mladi for Wind Sextet by Leos Janacek (1854 - 1928).

The concert took place on the Logia with the Chamber music playing to a background of lovely chirping insects (crickets perhaps?). I was fortunate enough to have a seat towards the edge and could look out and see some stars during the concert which made everything feel dreamlike.

This photo almost appears as if it were take with black and white film. It was dark and I could just barley see the outline of the urn (in the viewfinder all I could see was black so most of the photos were taken blindly and hoping for the best). During the day the urn is softer in appearance as it has sat out in the elements for a century or more, the flash brings out a starker quality and shows an interesting contrast with the dark night as the background. This urn sits on the edge of the balcony just outside the main house in the Huntington Gardens.

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