Monday, August 25, 2008

Progress on Persephone Scarf

For the first time I deleted a post! I had written it this morning prior to leaving for work and could not get the photo out of my mind, the dinginess of the picture was haunting me - it had no stitch definition and just looked terrible. So I took photos in the parking lot at work using the back seat of my car (it is a little better and shows some stitch definition) and even more photos upon my unexpected arrival at home (the sunlight was too harsh and washed out the stitches just like the flash this morning). I will definately have to think of creative solutions for my blog pics as daylight hours are getting shorter (mostly while I am at work) and good lighting will be much harder to come by.

It was wonderful spending time with my Niece, we had a leisurely lunch, then strolled to the all important candy store to satisfy my Niece's sweet tooth - casually window shopping (Old Towne in Orange) as we went and appreciating the beautiful weather. She is so patient with me, endulging me by posing for this picture holding a lollipop that I wanted to photograph and patiently waiting as I snapped away at the various candy trays (perhaps one or two more will appear in future blogs to add a little something sweet to a post). I love the vivid colors of this rock candy - it recalls to mind the brightly striped socks that I see on many fellow knitters blogs.


gilraen said...

Oh my!! Your blog will play havoc with my wiastline!!! :)

Kody May said...

Your scarf is gorgeous, your candy pics should earn you money, because the definently make me want something as sweet and colorful as your pictures!!! Isn't it amazing how good it feels to blog though. Even blogging about things you wouldn't normally find a big deal allows you to get excited about stuff in ways you never dreamed.

Dave said...

That scarf is coming out lovely!!

Anonymous said...

hehe, that is me there holding the lollipop.

Your niece