Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Flashy Things

OK the Flash did not do this chocolate justice (unlike the photos below), but I just couldn't wait until tommorrow to try to get a decent photo, I had to try a piece tonight (ok actually three pieces), its Green & Blacks Caramel with Milk Chocolate. To tell the truth I liked the chocolate very much, but there is something about their Dark Chocolate that is really decadent.
What is it? A giant ruby? The twinkling lights of Las Vegas? Well I got a little creative this morning while at my desk (no I was not on the clock yet). I spotted a small container of Asian Hot Sauce and wondered how it would look with the flash on and here it is. Pretty don't you think?

Oleander is a beautiful shrub, but I won't have it in my yard as it is much to dangerous for my Standard Poodles who love to chew on foliage. I took the following plant photos while walking around the parking lot prior to work this morning. The light was dim so the flash went off and gave a different view of the plants that I actually like. I've tried several times to take photos of the Oleander when the sun is out, to no avail as either the flowers are wilting due to the harsh sun or a breeze is moving the shrubs and they're just a blur.

Marigolds are normally such brightly colored flowers, I like the way the water had settled into the center of the flower - very sparkly
The Dusty Miller looked very festive, proudly diplaying the tiny drop of water like fine jewelry.

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Kody May said...

Dark chocolate contains a lot of Antioxidents!