Saturday, August 23, 2008

Something Sweet

There were quite a few sweets at the Farmer's Market. At the Candy Apple stall, there was a young man who really stood out from the crowd of vendors, he was alive with youthful energy and I think he represents our California boys pretty well.

He nearly made it into this photo, but the camera reacted faster than his dive to be in the picture (really quite funny). The candy apples just tickled my fancy, they had such color (the photo is this case did not do them justice)

These candy apples looked SO APPEALING, it was very hard to resist, I may have to give in on my next visit. There were so many different kinds, how does one choose?

Adjacent to the fair is a wonderful family owned candy store named Village Sweets, the owners really care about the products they sell and we received kind attention from the proud father whose daughter owned this store.

There is a plethora of fudges that they make daily, I'd brought some home only to have it mysteriously disappear without even getting a taste (or photo of it).

This is sure to bring out the kid in you, jars of delectable candies cover a countertop, it was such a feast for the eyes. Instead of the plastic bins you see now in most candy shops, there were glass jars of all shapes and sizes.

How in the world do you eat these HUGE jawbreakers! I'm sure that kids would be more than happy to attempt to figure out a way, holding them in your hand would be a sweet but messy endeavor.

This is a photo my stylist Kim took today, she is so talented and can make anyone's hair look great by just blowdrying! (I wish I could keep her in my back pocket so that my hair could always look this nice)


cathleen said...

Lovely sweet photos. You really have very pretty hair. The color is gorgeous.

Kody May said...

Your hair is gorgeous!!! And you have to eat on of those apples next time. Lol. They look amazing!!!!