Thursday, August 21, 2008

Local Family Fair & Market

I really do try to stick to knitting & gardening on this blog, but working full time with a long commute does not always allow enough time to complete projects in a timely manner blogging has been so much fun that I want to be able to post on a regular basis. So when opportunities arrive to share genuine beauty or something delightful then I hope you won't mind the indulgence of my postings.

There were some incredible flowers at the farmer's market, I'm not quite certain what these are, but they were a must share due to their beauty (if you can identify the flower please would you tell us in your comment). The petals were so amazing and they stood on rather tall stems. Could this be a sunflower?
These Gerber Daisies were so exuberant in their bright colors that I just had to include them in this blog, try as I may I could not get a photo of them without some one's arm, leg, or other body parts in the photo. (I also desperately wanted to rearrange them, but I didn't think that the operator of this stall would appreciate that) I thought it was humorous the sign looks as if a bunch would cost EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS .

Have you ever been enticed by the fragrance of strawberries on a warm summer afternoon? These beauties were also a treat for the eyes and they drew you into their stand - beckoning come and buy me!

Most of the stalls were occupied seem to be occupied by the farmers who grow the produce (they proudly displayed their beauties and gave out generous samples, the watermelon here was much redder than the picture showed and generously filled the air with its sweet fragrance).

The grapes looked so delicious and ripe, but by the time I had discovered them my bags were quite loaded and heavy with goodies to take home, so I brought a photo of them home instead.
Well that's all the photos I can manage for this morning, I have a few more pics to share so I will continue sharing my Farmer's Market experience on my next posting.

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Kody May said...

Lovely lovely pictures. The strawberry one is so neat. I like how all but one seem to be standing perfectly in line. They look yummy! The flowers are gorgeous too! You have an eye for photography!!! Isn't blogging wonderful. Just putting stuff out there.