Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Anniversary Socks

This photo was in my archive, I had taken it while on one of my trips to the Huntington Library. It was so stunning, these glorious colors just glowing in the winter sun. Now as I reflect upon this, wouldn't these colors make for a great hand painted yarn? How wondrous Nature is.

I am so delighted with these socks, perhaps not the prettiest of photos (it is a little difficult to photograph your own feet). These socks are so comfortable that I slept in them, the aloe is a wonderful addition to this yarn and they actually fit!!! I did do the daring (unlike me) thing and just let the stripes fall where they may.

I am in a bit of a pinch, I had started the Rivendale sock from the Eclectic Sole book and have hopefully only temporarily misplaced the book. I made a copy of the chart, but can't go any further without the key. I have taken this book to so many places that I don't know where I left it I do hope to find it soon, it was my favorite sock book and I was planning on knitting several of the patterns. Do wish me luck on finding my treasured book.

I bought this book on a whim, not for its patterns, but for the actual writing. It is humorous and will really pick up your spirits. Hmmm buying a craft book for its whit .

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Knitting Goodies

This is the sock I knitted from the Red Heart Heart & Sole with Aloe, and it knits up very nicely, I'm still learning to match yarns to patterns and perhaps I should have just kept it to plain stockinette, but I like the lacy pattern on the front as it will help to keep my feet a little cooler. I am about half way thru the second sock, and deliberately decided to just see what it felt like to begin knitting the sock without trying to match the pattern (ohh, I'm such a rebel!!).
I had to sneak in another photo from my trip to Roger's Gardens, this Magnolia blossom was so beautiful in person, the petals looked like rich velvet, I could just picture it as a mature tree covered with these gorgeous flowers.

I have admired the socks on Gilraen's blog and know that she has made several of the patterns in this book. It has some incredible patterns that I will now have to knit, the challenge will be to match the perfect yarn for each pattern (something Gilraen excels at) and one that I hope to develop as I gain experience.
This book also caught my eye, especially the hats that are in here, they are quite stylish and should make for quick projects, ideal for spare time knitting.

What is it about receiving candy in a pretty box that just warms my heart. I was given this box of caramels a little while back and just love looking at the pretty box and bow. Eventually I may get around to opening it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Enchanted Garden Store

I am mesmerized by this garden store and each trip inspires me. They present wonderful little vignettes that can be used by gardeners even in a small garden and had the hardest time whittling down my photos to just nine. I love subtle mushroom ornaments and thought these so darling. Can't you just picture a fairy dancing among them? In person the blue flowers played off beautifully against the dark green leaves of the shrub behind them and the interplay between the blue and white was quite dramatic.

This place is large enough (6.5 acres) to indulge gardeners in a plethora of different plants, from cactus and succulents, to trees and shrubs, and of course my beloved flowers and herbs as well as garden ornaments. The placement of the succulents below is so appealing. (I'm not especially drawn to succulents and so that says a lot)

There are a plethora of flowers in containers, these Ranuculus were so prolific that they obscured the containers that held them and held me captive in their beauty.

These mushrooms almost escaped my view, they were nestled in the shade under a large tree and with so many things to see, I could have easily missed them. I thought how beautiful they would look against a snowy background where their colors could really pop.

I so wanted to take this home with me, it would look wonderful with my Hydrangeas serving as a backdrop and surrounded by some Thyme which so thrives in my garden.

While my tastes definitely gravitate toward English cottage gardens, I can't help but appreciate this giant below, it towered above me and demanded attention.

They have gorgeous plants for the indoors, artisans pots, fresh cut flowers, I could go on and on as I feel like I am leaving out so much and doing it an injustice. (I guess I'll just have to sacrifice myself and make another trip to for you)
The orchids were so amazing, they have so many, one patron was commenting on the "fake flowers" as they were perfection in bloom and as well as being artistically displayed.

I was very good on this trip and walked away with two superb African Violets (who were quite camera shy and refuse to make a show of it in my photos). Spring shall come all too soon and my little garden is greedy, so the next time I shall not escape so lightly. I do promise to post knitting photos the next time.