Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cable Rib Sock

I just finished the Cable Rib Sock from Interweave's Favorite Socks book, it suggested using a cotton based yarn, but I just haven't found a cotton sock yarn that I really like, so I used a yarn with 65% Merino Wool, 25% Nylon & 10% Donegal - Knit Picks Essential in the colorway Ash Tweed. The sock pattern is quite forgiving in the fit which is especially appropriate as this is a gift for someone with a size 10 foot, unlike the petite sock, this one was not so quick to knit, so I must knit the second one soon, and maybe reward myself with a treat when it is complete. Hmmmm what should that be?
I haven't been gardening much this year and am grateful for the faithful perennials that are making an appearance now, this Japanese Hydrangea is especially lovely as it cascades over a volunteer Columbine, I love surprises, it will be interesting to see what color the Columbine will be and hopefully the Hydrangea will share in a bloom together with its nearby companion. We shall see.

Have you ever had a dear friend snap at you or perhaps get irritated with you? Well this just happened to me and my response? Give them some beautiful flowers that I cut from my Hydrangea shrub in a recycled Royal Blue vodka bottle. I feel that life is too short to hold grudges or to let my Ego get out of whack over something trivial. My gift was received with a warm smile and a tender hug.

I also cut a couple of flowers for myself and it looks lovely on my old oak dresser. They sit quite happily in an old antique bottle. Hydrangeas are such delicious flowers, the shrubs need little care and reward you with a such long lasting blooms.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Petite Socks

I just completed the first of the Vilai sock for a very petite friend of mine, I modified the pattern so that it came just above the ankle, she has very small feet (size 5) and has a petite stature so I thought this version would be suitable. Oh by the way - it is a delight to knit for someone so small! The sock came about very quickly and has motivated me to start to second sock immediately (I have to remember all the changes I made). This sock pattern is alot of fun to knit and really holds my interest. The sock yarn was one I had won from ebay, it is wool and nylon and has pretty good stitch definition.

She really likes this sock and thinks I'm a fast knitter. (That could definitely earn her some future socks).


I met with a knitting group at the L.A. Farmer's market, what a delightful group of women, I had such a great time, I will definitely be back next month. I found the group on a lively blog called LA IS MY BEAT ( ), there is something about this woman that just draws you in - she has panache. I felt so comfortable with this group, no expectations on any one's part, just sharing the pure joy of knitting and chatting.

The sweetest little baby was there, she was just a bundle of joy, all laughs and smiles with the prettiest blue eyes.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rivet - Rivet - Rivet

This post should have had a few projects to show, I earnestly tried to knit with the cotton sock yarn, they would have come in very handy for summer and they just left me feeling like Goldilocks - only nothing was quite just right. I thought the hot pink yarn would look darling in the Latvian Socks pattern as it featured a heart pattern what I had failed to notice until after I started knitting is that the charts have a different number of rep stitches, chart 1 - 32 st reps, chart 2 35 st rep, chart 3 33 st rep and I wasn't sure how to go from chart 1 to chart 2 - do you make the extra stitches??? I am a self taught knitter with only 1 knitting lesson under my belt. So I frogged the sock after completing the 12 rows in chart 1. Then I took my last remaining skein of yarn and began knitting the Uptown Boot Socks, the pattern is very simple, but the yarn was having nothing to do with this pattern and the stitches were very mushy. So the yarn will reside in the frog pond for now. Which brings me to my next frogging adventure. I fell in love with the Vilai socks and found a decent yarn for the pattern in my stash - Yipee - the yarn would really show great stitch definition. This is my first time using one of Cookie's charts and I had misplaced all of my highlighters, but I marched on determined to begin this gorgeous sock. I had completed the ribbing and was beginning the set up - row 2 when I received my first interruption, Watson (Black Standard Poodle #2) insisted on being petted and cuddled. Went back to the pattern I had already read what the symbols meant, so did the Rib Cross - funny the stitches did not end evenly - never mind I'm sure it will catch up in the next round. Hastings (a VERY LARGE White Standard Poodle) begs me with his pleading eyes to follow him - a crisis had occurred, the food was running low in their bowl and he wanted fresh water. Return to knitting sock and begin the main chart pattern ... many interruptions later - the stitch count does not seem to be matching and I keep making or decreasing to try to bring the pattern back into shape. Approaching row 27 and realizing this does not look like the sock in the photo - frog, frog, frog, back to the ribbing and went to the store to return with... Highlighters - to help me keep track of what has been knitted - notice my helpful kitty, I swear she wasn't in sight when I brought my bits to the garden to photograph, but she was a very good model - her petite paws framing the highlighters.
Poking her nose at my camera lens and gently pushing my hand about as I held my camera and tried to get my photos.

I also bought these Post its (in case I stop mid row - yes I know never stop mid row, but distractions are ever present) I love this little frog sprinkler - it sits among the Alpine Strawberries and peaks out at me thru the leaves.

I also purchased some ribbon to go with the lace stocking I plan to knit. I am especially fond of the pink and green ribbon. The wide green ribbon with the orange polka dots was just irresistible and felt so silky and smooth, don't know what I will do with it, perhaps wrap a little gift with it or should I include it in my give away (this June)?

Finally a finished project to show you, I had to really rush to get this photo, no dallying as Lila was attempting to pounce on them as they sit atop the French Lavender. These are the leaf socks, they are so pretty on - the toe is not really that pointy when you have it on.


I will be sharing photos from the Getty's garden over the next few posts. I love the use of rebar to show off the bougainvillea, this is a wonderful place to rest and view the surrounding garden, read a book or knit for a spell.

I stood at the base of the and looked up, the magenta flowers against the blue sky was gorgeous and I thought - great colors for a sock yarn!

There are so many vignettes, the gardeners use of textures, shape and color, one has to stop and admire their work. Taking the time to notice the fragrances lingering in the air.