Monday, March 30, 2009


I have a few WIP's in progress, this scarf is so much fun to knit, it's a free pattern on Smariek's blog (There is a link to her blog listed under my favorites) and the pattern is called Osiris. The yarn is one of Knit Picks "Essential" in the colorway called Mermaid and I am using a #3 circular needle which seems to be the right size for the pattern. The photo above shows the true color of the yarn, but I couldn't get good stitch definition so I turned on the dreadful fluoresent light and got the stitch definition - but oh my, the color became ghastly, so please use your imagination and merge the two together (got the picture?)

I am making progress on my the other leaf sock, I did get distracted by Osiris, but will get this sock done shortly, although it's almost too warm to wear them now, but they shall keep nicely for next winter.

The wimple I'm knitting above just refused to be photographed, I shall have to wait until it is completed to see if it will pose for me. The colors are really rich shades of brown flowing beautifully into greens, the yarn is a fingering weight yarn by Schaefer Anne. The Pattern is Wavy Feathers and I am knitting it with a size 4 circular needle, I really do need to find a better way to take photos of my knitting, I see these lovely blogs with gorgeous photos and admire their ability to not only knit well, but take the most marvelous photos of work as well! It will give me a goal to work towards - oh to have gentler light streaming thru a window - instead of the Harsh California sun BLASTING in.

This is my new sock yarn, I finally caved in and bought a vibrant colors, it by Jitter Bug and the colorway is called Tapis 72. It is comprised of various shades of red and some black. I'm looking for the right pattern for this beauty, got any suggestions?

I came across these daffodils during one of my recent strolls at the Huntington Library, they looked so fresh, the contrast between the blue/green leaves and the stark white of the flowers is setting off little ideas in my head, perhaps the perfect colors to redo my bedroom, or maybe just dress it up a little with a new summer quilt.

Sometimes you come across something so appealing, I wish I could put my finger on it, but I really liked this vignette, it was in front of a shop at Fashion Island and I loved it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tranquil Weekend

What a wonderful, tranquil weekend and I feel rested. I was fortunate enough to stay again at the Marriot Bay View (they just redecorated) The suite is even more wonderful with a King sized bed that has a feather bed over the mattress and a lightweight down blanket to snuggle under.
There were few people and it felt so quiet, you could stand on the balcony and listen to the sounds of the back bay and the wind as a storm blew in. The view from this room is a little different as you can see some of the hotel grounds as well as the incredible back bay in the distance. Flocks of birds descend on this area and I suggest binoculars if you really want to see them clearly. The storm caused flocks of birds to seek its refuge. There was an enormous white bird that I could not see very clearly as he was as he shielded by the mist, he had to be at least 4 feet high as the egrets looked minuscule next to it.

Embossed Leaf Socks
I began a new pair of socks and started with the Wavy Lace Socks for about the first inch and then moved onto the Embossed Leaves pattern (both from the Favorite Socks book). The yarn is a very reasonable yarn from Knit Picks "Essential" and the colorway is Granny Smith. The yarn is soft and cushy (a rather thick Fingering weight at 15.5 WIP) and since I knit loosely I used size 1 circular needles. The second sock has been started, this is such a pleasant sock to knit and I know this sounds silly, but its like having a good friend around, someone easy to be around, not too demanding and yet still interesting enough to hold your attention.

This sock also has an attractive side view, the purl stitches highlight the heel which seems to really hold it shape well. I wonder if this yarn will wear as it did tend to want to split a bit while knitting, the softness makes this a forgivable fault if the yarn keeps its loft thru my long days.

Giada had featured this place during one of her shows and I've had the opportunity to try it a couple of times. The crepes are nothing to write home about, mine (as well as a friend's) were thick and on the tough side and the savory fillings we chose lacked flavor. I would recommend their French Press Coffee and their Belgian Waffles ( be sure to splurge and get the real Maple Syrup).

There are a few bakeries at this market and I feel it is my duty to try them all for you (will the sacrificing never end?) There are so many beautiful foods at this market, the glass cases that they are housed in are unforgiving, most of my photos had reflections due to this glass...Argh!

These candy sticks reminded me of my childhood, they were in our local general store and when I moved to Southern California they bring up my childhood memories of Knotts Berry Farm (when it was free to walk about, no fence, and you paid for each ride your rode on).

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Life is full of surprises, though some not so pleasant ones do arise, please do pardon my absence, and the absences that may occur from time to time, an unpleasant health issue has arisen and while not life threatening can be painful and will definitely slow me down, I have placed myself in the care of a good Holistic practitioner and hope that I will recover from this completely with time. (Ok enough of that now). I am a fortunate woman who loves life and all it has to offer. I have a Niece who is getting married in April, she also appreciates my knitting and so I took her shopping for the yarn (she wanted a scarf for her Honeymoon in San Francisco). What a fortunate Aunt I am to have loving Nieces who appreciate the simple things I knit.
Thrift - I decided to use this leftover yarn and created a simple crew sock, It fits well, but I must admit that I am so spoiled now by the beautiful patterns that I am discovering that I lost interest in knitting up the second sock and so this sad little single will have to wait for its mate.

The Eclectic Sole has so many gorgeous sock patterns, this is the Hydrangea pattern, it is so feminine, I can picture it with a lacy white skirt for summer. These colors are a perfect reflection of my Variegated Hydrangea Shrub that sits outside the window, a perfect place to rest your eyes, especially during a blogathon, where one wonderful blog draws you to the next...

The Rivendale Sock is completed and the second sock is about 1/2 way done, I will have to try this sock again in a solid color, perhaps an orchid color or a soft butter yellow would really show this glorious pattern to its fullest. The sock is so interesting that even knitting the second sock has been fun!

I've made the most wonderful discovery, the LA Farmer's Market. What a fabulous place to wander about, It is so full of life, surrounded by warm families, couples in love, Senior Citizens in groups chatting over cups of coffee, the people here have a love for life and the warmth of this place reflects that.

I had been craving a great donut for months now, and finally found the best I've ever had at this place. A friend and I sampled a few donuts, but then discovered the most incredible Beignets here, they had a wonderful slightly crisp exterior and the most tender interior that just melted in your mouth. The good old fashioned coffee went well with this simple fare. I HIGHLY recommend this place.

The Farmer's Market has a wonderful Tea Shop, teas in bulk, I was enchanted with these beautiful rose buds (my friend did purchase some and I'll bet it was wonderful). Can't you just picture these lovelies being presented to you in a glass tea pot. Perhaps with a lovely bowl of Fresh Strawberries. The aromas would be heavenly!

These Oranges were so vibrant, they looked juicy and felt heavy in my hand, with so many things to choose from, I had to leave these behind as I would have needed a very large truck to take everything home. I have more photos of the Farmer's Market to share on my next post.