Sunday, October 25, 2009

Warmth at the Huntington

Today was another warm day at the Huntington Library. The Roses were still in force (have quite a few more photos to share over the next couple of posts). The fragrance of their Rose gardens in the heat of the day is amazing, the quiet only broken by the buzz of the honey bees.
The colors of nature astounds me, the vivid orange red against the soft yellow, with the sun streaming through the petals, wish I could have done it justice, but this was the best that I could do, still nice - even in the photo.
It became a little too warm to continue strolling in the sun. The cafe's tables sit under these amazing trees. Gently sheltering you from the direct sun, but still bright enough to sit and read comfortably.
Yummm - French Fries, spring water (in a wonderfully thick glass bottle) and a new book. What more could one ask for? Well I did have the company of a tremendously great friend who shared the French Fries with me.
I really did intend to share knitting photos with you this post, I even made sure to bring a WIP with me(you can see the circular needles just peeking out of my bag) and intended to knit while sitting on the Veranda. It's right off the main house and is donned with the most delightful wicker chairs, beautiful potted plants and statues. There is this perfect breeze, even on warmer days, it gently cools you. I thought about the Huntingtons and how their family must have enjoyed afternoon teas. It is a place for day dreaming (which is what I did) along with a little more reading.
When I looked up from my book, this is one of the statues that I could gaze at. Sigh - so peaceful.
Everywhere you turn there is beauty, the soft curves worn a little by the ages, still breathtaking - still beautiful.
Ooops! Looked what I missed, I noticed this on my way out, looks like I'll have to go back in a couple of weeks and visit this new exhibit. Next post I will be sure to include knitting photos!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Friday!

Well I finished the Monkey socks for my neighbor Tammy, I hope she loves them. Knitting two at a time was not that bad (although a little slow), I'll probably use this technique again when I know that I will be altering the pattern, I love the fact that they both turned out identical. The colors of these socks are so rich (photo doesn't quite show this). I made them shorter in every way as Tammy has a size 5 foot and is quite petite - being under 5 feet tall. I love this pattern so much that I dug through my stash and found a soft hand painted gray and beige merino bamboo blend that I think will do nicely. I could not believe that I dropped the WIP as I came into the front door and the yarn unwound nicely all the way through the house. This would not have been a problem had is not been for the 3 dancing Standard Poodles that had become tangled in the yarn. I saw the yarn take a leap into the air and snap between two of the dogs. I quickly managed to grab the yarn and haul it in. I quickly grabbed the second half and followed it out the front door - where Momma kitty was about to en snag it with her paw - I actually caught her with her paw in the air and she ran off in fright when she saw me charging trying to rescue my poor little WIP. I think it will be okay and will try knitting on it tomorrow. Since it will have to have a knot now, would the knot go on the top of the sock? Any ideas?
I came across this photo in my archives and it brought back memories of my vacation in Solvang. I love flowers, even just a few simple flowers can bring joy to your heart. I love the colors in this flower (would these colors be great for a sock yarn?)
Photo of Oranges at the LA Farmer's Market, it's hard to improve on nature don't you think? These oranges glistened like jewels, each one unique in its own way and you could smell all the surrounding fruits that filled the air with their sweet fragrances.
I love receiving gifts, one of my friends gave me these three bottles of soda. Their flavor was unbelievable! My favorite is the golden colored soda, it tastes like tart green pears. I savored each one, their color and aroma, their amazing flavors. The kindness of others touches my heart and simple gestures are so appreciated.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Too tired to be clever

The hours of overtime this past two weeks has been very challenging, but I am grateful to have a job and now have more financial responsibilities - so it is very much needed. It does make blogging a challenge. This is my latest project - Cookie's Monkey socks with Paton's sock yarn and I'm trying my hand at knitting two at a time. Last night I attended a local knitting group that meets at the Anaheim Starbucks on Lincoln, we had a great time. They call themselves All Things String (yahoo group). I will definitely make this a regular thing, so nice to sit and chat with fellow knitters.
This sock (may it rest in peace) was going to be for my neighbor - after frogging them three times in an attempt to make them a little more comfortable (they felt HORRIBLY stiff and I think would be tortuous to wear), now they are destined for the frog pond. It made me a little sad as I do so love the design and it was fun to do, but how do you make these things wearable? The yarn was reused for the monkey socks above and the blue will be used for another nice sock design.

This Saturday is the meeting of our monthly knitting group at the LA Farmer's Market, we meet from 10am through noonish. On my last trip there I strolled by this candy display and thought - how many children must pass this, their eyes wide open, filling their heads with sweet dreams of rainbow lollipops. The L A Farmer's market is a wonderful place to go, I have to visit it each month, with each step you are rewarded with wonderful aromas from the surrounding cafes, creating a dilema as to where and what you will choose to experience. The worlds best donuts (Bob's)? Incredibly tender Belgian Waffles? Perhaps sitting at the french cafe with a bon amie?
Then after my knitting group I'll wander over to the Barnes & Noble for another book and visit Gary and have him rescue another pair of shoes. I love everything about this place!