Sunday, October 31, 2010


I've had a little delay, my camera's battery charger is on the fritz, I've been trying to take photos with it and couldn't figure out why i kept getting the low battery symbol. I tried several times over the past few weeks to charge it, but then I noticed (duh) that the little red light on the charger is not on. So I've been looking around, driven to several stores that should have this charger, but to no avail. I will be victorious and locate a charger (very determined). I haven't been able to post photos of my new adventures - SPINNING!!!!

So far I've done a little spindling (thought I would be more coordinated - maybe it will all come together very soon). I've sat at several spinning wheels and checked out the treadle on them. So far I have liked the Schacht Lady Bug and Ashford Joy, their treadle is comfortable for me. I was absolutely mesmerized by Majacrafts Little Gem and I hope to try it this Sunday, I LOVE the looks of this spinning wheel. I believe that spinning wheels must have some kinda pheromones that cast a spell on you!

Today was a gathering of spinners and knitters at the cutest place, the place is a store front on a main street in Long Beach that has been converted to a charming apartment, the bedroom is a loft space above and my new spinning friends were so charming welcoming me into their home and making me feel like we've been chums for a very long time. These wonderful gentlemen recently rescued two of the cutest dogs, one just two weeks ago was abandoned at a local dog park and came home with them (she is a darling little terrier they've named Lola and she totally captured me - I am putty in her little paws)

I want to thank Jan who has been the kindest of friends - she is full of life and it has been so much fun meeting all these new people. Guess it was time in my life to open the door and live a little larger! Love to you all. REALLY HOPE TO BE ABLE TO POST PHOTOS ASAP!!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'M BACK!!!!

I just received a rebuilt computer and still have to see if I can install my camera software, it has Windows7 and I will be given a cd for the Office products shortly. I have to rethink this blog again. I am pondering if I should create a new blog as I am contemplating exploring my interest in writing - maybe try my hand at some short stories that I could share with you my dear readers (if there are any left).
So many changes in my life, I've decided to give up the luxury of driving to work (in an ancient car) and taking the train. I'll have to be at the train station at 4:40 am, after arriving at Union Station there will be an hour wait and then there is a free shuttle that will drop me off directly at work. This will substantially improve my finances as the total cost for going to work will be reduced to only about $47.00 a month!!! (My company pays 75% of the cost which is about $188 for the montly pass) Wait time = knitting time and I'll get used to the early hours.
I was given a Ledbetter spindle, it is quite a thing of beauty. I've never used a spindle before and I found through Ravelry that there is a local spinning group, they welcome even newbies like me. I plan on attending their group tomorrow night (photos will be pending once i'm comfortable with this new group). Can you imagine, I could actually be creating homespun yarn. Wonder what the learning curve is on this.

I am so happy to be back and I'll be able to visit your blogs again too! Please leave me a comment so that I can follow it back to your blog. If you don't have a blog, I would still love to hear from you, its always nice to see what you have to say.