Sunday, July 26, 2009


Sedona is an awesome place and I can see why it inspires artists to paint its vistas, even just the average joe like me can't help but want to capture its image. There is an energy about this place that causes one to become silent. You want to hear the whisper of the wind and the gentle calls of its birds and insects.
The rocks change so much, depending on the light, when the sun is bright the rocks are a much deeper red. As I came into this Valley the colors just jumped out at you, surprising you at its intensity - so vibrant and alive (we had just came through Phoenix with its dull sandy soil and extreme heat). The surrounding mountains though beautiful in there own way do not prepare you for Sedona. I can understand why so many want to live here, the architecture of the local buildings is very chic, galleries, boutiques and fine dining abound - quite dear to the wallet. That is why this motel was so surprising, its very simple and decent - also affordable.

The sign speaks for itself, straight forward and no nonsense. I really did not feel the need for anything more, the area surrounding it is full of restaurants that you can walk to and galleries that you can visit.

At the end of the motel was the best part, a nice covered patio. I had my coffee here and sat listening, gazing at the surrounding red hills and jagged peaks. Little bees visited me and hovered about eye level for a few moments before moving on. A fellow lodger came and joined me - he and his wife were celebrating their 20th Wedding Anniversary. It was so sweet to hear him sing her praises, he was happy with his life (he is a landscaper and was so glad that it could provide them with this vacation). A kind an gentle man who enjoyed the simple things in life.

Just down the street was a sweet collection of shops & restaurants. The sign above was charming and to me was an artistic expression - announcing the presence of a cafe. The things of everyday were made with an appreciation - something for the eyes to enjoy.
Here is another approach to the same set of shops, but with a different feel. The sound of the water and the statues evoke a Mediterranean feel.

And yet another approach makes it feel like you are standing in a European garden, I like the different approaches and the lack of a central theme, it feels spontaneous. Sorry no knitting to show you, I did work a little on the lace scarf, but I've already shown you that and it still has a long ways to go.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Green Valley

The Green Valley is a place I would like to experience during its cooler seasons, I would love to explore the local parks and visit some of the tribes that live here, but when the weather is over 100 degrees, I just made a beeline for the resort and hid from the heat and I am so glad that I did, the place was an indulgence. View from the Resort- the sky took your breath away with its beauty, the clouds danced across the sky, this is monsoon season and the clouds patterns were fascinating, in one cloud formation you could have dark grey, graduating up to a pure white, I've never seen anything like it.

The love seat was so comfy, the kind you sink into, so you grab a book and lay back, its the perfect size for me to curl up into with a nice glass of wine.

I did not get the chance to use the dinning table, but loved the idea of it being there. Egads - I just had an epiphany, with my new found interest in quilting, this would be the perfect place to do one of my projects! Can't you just see my sewing machine at one end and a WIP spread out behind it.

I did get a chance to briefly use the kitchen, the oven is so large, I've never used one like this before and felt a little guilty using it for such a little thing as a quiche, but you know what a new toy is like, you just have to use it. The kitchen is well stocked with wine glasses, dishware and some appliances, but if you really serious about your cookware, then you might want to bring one or two of your favorite ones. When I return I want to bring along a Le Creuset pot to make a stew - can you use them on the flat top stoves?

The bed was very, very comfy with a nice view of open fields. I had intended to do a little knitting right before I retired (honestly I did), but fell asleep with my knitting bag sitting on the bed beside me, the lights and TV on. I guess the long 8 hour drive in all that heat took a toll on me.
The next morning I had a luxurious bubble bath and soaked while reading one of Yarn Harlot's books, it just doesn't get much better than this. My vacation continues, next is Sedona, followed by Carmel by the Sea and then Solvang. I will be posting those soon along with photos of my latest yarn and fabric finds.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Redondo Beach

Spent part of the weekend in Redondo Beach and started off my day with breakfast at CJ's. The food is good and the portions are generous. It has a beachy casual atmosphere and the walls are painted with beach scenes (as you can see from below). The waitresses are so sweet, they were checking on me regularly and filling up the little coffee cup (even before it was halfway down).

A walk was in order after breakfast, the beach is only a couple of minutes away, so I strolled down there and this view greeted me. There is a Marina nearby so lots of boats were in the area. There is something majestic about the way they glide through the water, there were Sail boats as well, but they were not cooperative about having their photo taken.
There are rocks piled up everywhere and it was mesmerizing watching the waves wash up on them, splashes of white spray filled the air, the ocean air is so relaxing, you feel all your tensions ease away and your breathing becomes deeper. There is nothing like the smell of the ocean, once you've experienced it - it will linger in your memory.

Doesn't this look tropical? I thought of some of my readers when I took this photo. The Palm Trees really do lend to the landscape, I had taken them for granted until someone had commented on them. It opened my eyes and I take notice of them now.

I even take the time to look up at them and admire their foliage with the blue skies as their backdrop. Birds love to nest in them, especially if they are a little less tidy than this one. They hide their nests among the older fronds that can form a dense cover for them.

I have chosen a few more companions for the pink and white fabric that I had previously purchased. I think they get along quite well. Now what to do with them. I'm still pondering on this.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


My knitting time was almost non existent during the past week or so, horrendously long work hours just wore me out. It looks like its over with for now and so I can resume knitting on my Petra scarf (definitely not a quick knit, but very rewarding as you see the scarf start to grow little by little {I had inch by inch, but that would just be too fast}). Perhaps my readers won't mind my sharing photos of things that catch my eye - to see the wonders that surround us from another's viewpoint. I am finding that I love knitting lace and being a slow knitter with not a lot of spare time, well, there just wouldn't be much to show you. I have been inspired by fellow bloggers and their talents. Pat's quilts have been so incredibly beautiful that I picked up a few pieces of fabric, they look quite pretty together and perhaps I could add some solid white and a solid pink to them - or maybe some green - so confusing -what do you think? I'm not quite sure what to make with them, perhaps a tote? Any suggestions? I have never quilted before, but so admire the craft. For those of you who haven't visited Pat's blog, I highly suggest that you browse it, her knitting is as beautiful as her quilts and she takes wonderful photos that show the details of her craft. (You'll see her blog listed on the side under my favorite blogs).Nature inspires me, as I was exploring quilt patterns, I could see how the colors of a quilt could be inspired by nature and the colors she combines. The pinks above with the muted pinky browns of the stems and the green in the leaves. Or the various shades of yellow and greens of the rose bush below. I can see how all this inspiration can lead to love of fabric, for its color, texture and designs, now add to that all the beautiful quilts patterns available and the countless projects that could be created - its simply dizzying! For now I will exercise patience and bide my time, exploring this new interest and savoring it like a good read or a fine glass of wine - to be enjoyed.


My dear little kitty Lila is fascinated by my camera. She is staring at it almost mesmerized and makes a beeline for me every time I want to take photos of projects, yarn... her sweet little face instantly melts my heart and I forgive all her trespasses. Some kitties just love to be blog stars.

There are some stark places in California that have a certain strange beauty. This area I believe is called Red Rock where some friends went primitive camping (shudder). In the summer it is baked by the blazing sun and hot dry winds. It almost looks like it could be another planet.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4

This is a painting of my father who was a World War II veteran. His name was Willis, but everyone called him Bill. He was a Sergeant and retired from the Army after 20 years of service. Wish I had wonderful things to say and sweet memories to share with you, I've read so many accounts of tender moments with a dear parent and they touch my heart. But I wouldn't be here without him, so I can honor him in this way.