Sunday, June 28, 2009

Petra Scarf

I was a little down in the dumps about the last lace scarf I tried and frogged, just was not sure what to knit. In Smariek's comment she gave couple of great suggestions and I decided to try knitting her lace scarf called Petra and it is coming along wonderfully. Definitely have to pay attention to this pattern and I like the challenge of it. I can see its beauty as I knit, it has such a nice flow and weight to it.
The Angee sock from Cookie's book fits well and was easy to knit. I used a merino and bamboo blend that was hand dyed by Celtic Memory Yarns in Ireland. This yarn very, very soft, don't you think its goes well with this pattern?

Los Angeles is full of bakeries, this one is a Jewish Bakery (just down the street from the LA Farmer's market) everything that I had purchased there was delicious. I loved the old sign, its nice to see that not everything has to be torn down and redone (Orange County is infamous for that).

Don't you love receiving gifts? I dear friend of mine surprised me with this book, it has notes written in it (most likely a high school student) and there was an old paint sample card from 1977 that someone had used as a bookmark. I have never read a book like this before, it is unusual and interesting. Out of curiosity I looked it up on the Internet and the school still exists, the daughter of the founder now runs the school using his principles.


I have found a yarn store - not very local (4o miles away). But the best one around, its called Wildfiber and is located in Santa Monica. It is a high end store and contained so many yarns that I had read about on your blogs, they encouraged me to look around - no pressure, just take my time. I found some Rowan and in the back they have a sale area where I SCORED some Koigu. There were so many more yarns to drool over, but I restrained myself and walked away with just a few things.

Look at all that beautiful yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We have two winners for my give away, Cathleen won the first gift that included all the sock yarn. The second gift which included the Rosewood knitting needles was won by Brown Bear. I have sent you both an email and look forward to receiving your information so that I may send you your gifts. I had not realized how much I would enjoy this whole experience and will not wait an entire year again before I have another one. The only sad part was not being able to give everyone something. (By the way I used a Random Number generator to select for me)

I love the gray days of June and when I looked at my WIP noticed they are all GRAY! I found this profoundly funny and thought I would share this with you. The days are gentle now and I was even able to stroll the parking lot at work in the afternoon. The sounds are different then and I was greeted by the cries of a Dove, the beat of a Hummingbird’s wings, and the song of a Mockingbird - all in just a 15 minute stroll. These gentle skies allow the Agapanthus petals to glow attracting Hummingbirds and Honey Bees and how beautiful the Jacarandas look towering against the soft skies.
One of my projects was a lace scarf which is now in the frog pond, the pattern was complex and interesting, but just want not to my taste, with all that work I want it to be something I love, so I will have to search out another design. Does anyone have any suggestions on a lace scarf pattern?
I also have another candidate for the Frog Pond, I loved the design, the colors of this Koigu sock yarn are fabulous, but it was just too big and there would not have been enough yarn to make this into knee highs, so I have to look for a new pattern. Any suggestions for patterns? Has anyone worked with this yarn before?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blogiversary Give Away

I am celebrating my one year of Blogging with a Give Away. I had so much fun picking out these sock yarns, the large skein in the middle is Opal, the two blue ones on the side are Wildefoot and the pair in the front is Red Heart (the Red Heart is really fabulous - it contains aloe, very very comfortable to wear). All of these comprise the first gift.

Gift #2 is some really pretty Berrocco "Zen" yarn and the most gorgeous Colonial Rosewoodknitting needles, I absolutely fell in love with the beauty of these needles.
1. Leave a comment and if you don't have a blog, then also email me indicating which comment was yours.
2. If you have a blog and reference this giveaway on it, then that counts as an extra entry (please be so kind as to let me know).
The deadline to enter is June 15. I will be selecting two winners at random and post them on my blog.