Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quest for Knowledge

When walking I often think things out and try to explore different viewpoints on life, it occurred to me to try the same perspective from my camera as well. The photo above was taken while standing under a tree at the Huntington Library - I thought the limbs resembles knitted lace (I have a fanciful imagination)

Here are a few of the books that I have recently purchased on my quest for knowledge. The books on socks I hope will really help me to understand sock construction so that I may begin designing my own socks for myself (as well as to share). The Nicky Epstein book on Signature Scarves was just too irrestible and has provided me with a new outlook on scarves, her designs are so beautiful that I no longer look at scarves as just a simple accessory - her scarves are inspired and beg to be knitted, displayed and cherished.
I just completed the Sweet Pea sock in Schafer Yarn's Anne, the pattern was such a pleasure to knit, just enough variation to make it interesting. The instructions provided by the designer are clear and easy to follow - even for a sock novice like me. The sock is flattering and feminine, I still can't believe how well home knitted socks fit, no bunching up! I hope to have the other sock knitted over the next few days as I can hardly wait to wear them.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sock Yarns

I've been fortunate enough lately to have won several sock yarns on ebay and I wanted to share them with you. Each yarn in its own special way captured my attention and I had to have them. The soft colors are soothing for my eyes as Southern California's light is so bright (sometimes I feel like the odd man out as so many knitters prefer the brightly colored sock yarns). I have been rewarded with the soft textures of these yarns which will be a total pleasure to work with. I have been working with Schaefer Yarns, they have spoiled me with the quality of their yarns, watching your knitting project develop is so satisfying as this incredible yarn knits up beautiful. While I am still a sock novice I am enjoying the process so much. Part of the joy has come from reading other blogs and learning from their experiences, some have shared their knowledge with me thru wonderful emails which I plan on organizing so that I can draw from this treasure trove when I need it. If anyone has any suggestions on favorite sock patterns using these yarns I would welcome them.
Lorna's Laces Sandridge

Lorna's Laces Black Purl
This adorable couple are both Schaefer Yarn "Anne" the colors on the right hank are browns and sages, and the one on the left is various shades of brown - leaning towards cinnamon.

Cherry Tree Hill (on the left) is a soft green Schaefer Yarn's "Anne" (on the right) has various shades of green and reminds me of a cedar which has been only kissed by the sun while still mostly hidden in the shade.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I have started another knitting project that I simply could not wait any longer on, It's the Persephone scarf from Smariek Knit's blog. The yarn is a yummy dk weight merino by Ecco which has been a pleasure to work with. I was hoping to be able to share a photo of my completed sock, but I had to frog it and start all over again, it seems that I am a loose sock knitter, so I had to switch to a smaller needle to get a better fit.

The columbine is making a valient attempt at a second bloom, here's the first bud. (Is it my imagination or does it seems to be staring at the frog which is hiding in the Alpine Strawberries.)

Yellow Columbine during last spring was really prolific, an unexpected heatwave did burn the edge of its beautiful leaves, yet it still rewarded me with these beautiful flowers.

The volunteer tomato plant hit its growth spurt, almost 2 feet in about 1 week! I just hope it will survive the summer heat and reward me with beautiful large red tomatoes. It must be from a tomato that had dropped off the plant from last year. Its almost time to thin the plant so that the little red treasures have room to grow.

The French Lavender seems to be enjoying the heat and is quite proliferous in its bloom, I shall definately look into other Lavenders next year, they seem so happy in our climate.

I had relocated this bunny last spring as he was enveloped by a salvia, I don't think he minds the shelter for now and seems to be playing Peek a Boo from behind the columbine, while nestling up to the French Lavender which has gone a little wild and is about 4 feet wide

Friday, July 4, 2008

Schaefer Yarn & Plant Photos

Yup, I've started another sock. This is a simple pattern that is in Knitting Circles Around Socks and is knitted on two circular needles. This yarn is the softest merino I have ever knitted with. Its' by Schaefer Yarn and is called "Anne", this was inspired by the watercolor artist Georgia O'Keefe, the colors really do remind me of her paintings with the washes of color that dance across its width. It's too early to tell if about the fit yet, hope I don't have to frog it.

This is Schaefer Yarn's Nancy in Garter Stitch, the yarn is a dream to work with it creates a soft and cuddly garment. This is a close up of the scarf I am creating with it, the colors seem to undulate, almost producing an optical illusion of movement.

Pink & Fluffy - reminds me of cotton candy. I wish I could remember the name of it, but I had purchased it years ago from Heronswood Nursery in Washington State (when it was owned by Dan Hinkley). Every summer it faithfully emerges, grows to about 6 feet tall and rewards me with its glorious textural flowers. If anyone can identify it please let me know.

I had a pleasant surprise when a volunteer tomato plant came up in the garden, it dwells with the summer flower I had just planted, try as I may I could not get a photo of the complete plant, the flowers kept blocking its way. (they want all of the attention you know)